USPS Gun Theft

You ship packages and letters, but did you know the U.S. Post Office also has other cargo- guns?

“No, I did not realize that. You can actually ship guns through the Post Office? I would have thought that would be illegal,” said postal customer Nelda Finn.

Yes. Just like your regular mail, guns go through the postal system and are handled by the same workers.

Problems come when guns shipped through the mail never reach their destination.

They’re stolen, not from a truck in transit, but from the post office itself.

Scott Balfour, an Assistant Special Agent with the U.S. Post Office of Inspector General, talked with us via the internet, confirming gun shipments.

“Guns do go through the mail system. Mailers have to follow all postal regulations to send those guns through the mail, but there is no special handling procedure for guns in the mail system,” said Balfour.

That may be the problem.

WREG obtained a federal report that showed just how vulnerable guns shipped via USPS can be and what happened.

In May of 2013, firearms ended up missing from Memphis` Main Post Office on South Third.

The ATF report blocked us from seeing just how many guns thieves stole, but it happened over a months time.

During some of the thefts, the thieves swiped the weapons and shipped the empty firearm box on to its next destination.

The ATF documented 13 Post Office theft cases from February 2013 to May 2013.

They won’t say how many guns were stolen in those cases.

If you go back to 2012, there had been a total of 20 theft cases.

Some of the guns are still missing. The ATF couldn’t tell us how many.

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Tannerite NOT Used In New York Bombing

Authorities in notoriously anti-gun New York City are attempting to claim that the IED blast that detonated in a Chelsea dumpster, wounding 29, contained a common and very stable binary target mixture.

Now, here’s where I tell you those “authorities” and reporters are either confused, telling half-truths, or are intentionally lying.

Tannerite is an incredibly popular and very stable binary target mixture. It is a patented mixture of high-grade ammonium nitrate and aluminum powder that is sold as two components and then is mixed on-site. It can only be set off by high-velocity centerfire rifle bullet.

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3-Gun Competitive Shooter Stops MN Terrorist

USPSA Shooter, 3-Gunner, and NRA-certified firearms instructor Jason Falconer has been identified as the man who shot and killed a 22-year-old Somali immigrant who went on a stabbing rampage inside a St. Cloud, (MN) Mall on Saturday.

The apparent terrorist—who apparently asked victims if they were Muslims before stabbing them—was engaged by Falconer inside the mall.

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Palm Springs CA Votes For Gun Control

Palm Springs City Council discussed a controversial firearms ordinance Wednesday night that has polarized residents and, if approved in its final form, could result in a lawsuit from the National Rifle Association.

The council voted 3-2 in favor of the measure, which will now come up for a second reading and final decision at the next council meeting.

According to the measure:

Residents would have 48 hours — after its absence was discovered — to report a missing or stolen gun to police;
In their homes, gun owners will need to disable firearms with a trigger lock or keep them in a locked container unless they are in their immediate possession; and
Require those with concealed carry permits who keep a gun in their car to keep it in a locked container.
The proposed ordinance also institutes a fine of up to $1,000 per day, per violation.

A total of 23 people spoke on the issue before council Wednesday night — 15 opposed the plan, while eight were in favor.

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