People Magazine Urges Anti-Gun Action

Celebrity gossip rag People isn’t normally the kind of place you find political calls to action. That’s all about to change in their newest issue on the Umpqua Community College shooting, which “[pays] tribute to the nine Oregon victims, as well as 22 other men, women, and children who’ve lost their lives in mass shootings […] in the U.S. during the past 12 months.” It’s not just a tribute People is using its pages for, however. From editorial director Jess Cagle’s note:

As President Obama said, our responses to these incidents — from politicians, from the media, from nearly everyone — have become “routine.” We all ask ourselves the same questions: How could it happen again? What are we doing about gun violence in America? There are no easy answers, of course. Some argue for stricter gun laws, others say we should focus on mental health issues, some point to a culture that celebrates violence.

But this much we know: As a country we clearly aren’t doing enough, and our elected officials’ conversations about solutions usually end in political spin. [People]

Cagle goes on to urge readers to contact their representatives by devoting two entire pages of the magazine to a list of all 535 phone numbers of the voting members of the House and the Senate. That could mean a whole lot of phone calls: People is the 10th most circulated magazine in the United States, reaching 3.5 million subscribers.

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October 2015 Contests

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For Defense Of Liberty In The Face Of Tyranny

From the video comments: This is chambered in 7.62, and was only fired in the machine shop because it was a test fire utilizing blanks.

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SIG SAUER Introduces Legion Series

SIG Sauer Legion P229

SIG Sauer Legion P229

SIG SAUER, Inc., the world’s premier manufacturer of complete weapon systems, is now inviting professional users worldwide to become part of the new Legion Series™.

By joining its ranks, Legion members will receive access to a new line of enhanced products from SIG SAUER®, developed with the input of the most elite professionals from around the world. These products have been built to meet and exceed the demands of the elite. These are serious tools, for serious users.

The Legion is also a community, a brotherhood of like-minded individuals who push themselves and their gear to the limits. Legion members will receive exclusive product offerings and information from SIG, gain access to premium accessories built specially for the Legion, and find lifestyle items representing their membership in the Legion.

The Legion name has roots reaching back to the great Roman armies, and to this day designates elite membership among the world’s military and professional communities.

“We have worked with elite SIG users for years as we have developed the Legion,” said Jeff Creamer, Executive Director and General Merchandise Manager for SIG SAUER, Inc. “We wanted to know what custom features professionals were seeking as factory enhancements. The result is a line of high performance firearms and accessories that deliver not only what elite users need, but what they want.”

After customers purchase a Legion product, they simply call SIG SAUER with their serial number to register the product. SIG will then send a complimentary custom Thermo-Mold case, cut for their specific firearm and featuring a slot for their challenge coin matched to that firearm.

The new Legion member will also receive a web account login, which unlocks the Legion portion of the SIG website. Here Legion members can learn more about the privileges of being a member of the Legion and find exclusive products expressly designed for them. Partnering with companies like Surefire®, Peltor®, Blackpoint Tactical® and others, members can purchase top-of-the-line accessories made exclusively as part of the Legion Series.

SIG SAUER has also partnered with some of the finest blade makers in the industry to offer Legion-specific knives available only to members. To name just a few, Emerson Knives®, Rick Hinderer, Daniel Winkler, Duane Dwyer of Duane Dwyer Customs and Strider Knives®, and Quartermaster Knives® are designing and building these exclusive offerings specifically for the Legion.

Additional lifestyle accessories from premier manufacturers such as Gramm Works® humidors and Key-Bar products will also be exclusives to the Legion base.

Legion members will have exclusive access to SIG SAUER product news and training tips from the SIG SAUER AcademySM faculty. They will also be among the first to see new Legion products as they come available.

The Legion will launch with the two most prevalent SIG SAUER handguns in use within the professional community. The P226® and P229® have served countless military units and law enforcement agencies for decades. These trusted firearms are counted on day in and day out to protect those who protect our freedoms.

Both models will be finished in a proprietary Legion gray PVD coating, custom G-10 grips with a Legion medallion, the new SIG SAUER Electro-Optics X-RAY3™ high visibility day/night sights, and will ship with three magazines.

The P226 and P229 in DA/SA include a reduced and contoured Elite beavertail, which allows for a higher grip, but a reduced profile, to eliminate printing while carrying concealed. More aggressive front strap checkering and additional checkering under the trigger guard enhance the grip, even in adverse situations. A high undercut has been machined behind the trigger guard, allowing for a higher grip and greater control. Front cocking serrations provide greater purchase for cycling the action, clearing the firearm, or conducting status checks. The P226 and P229 DA/SA guns will first be available in 9mm, followed by .40 and .357SIG.

The DA/SA also features low profile decocking and slide catch levers to reduce the risk of snagging. An enhanced polished action with the SRT™ (Short-Reset Trigger) is augmented with a Grayguns, Inc., Intermediate Adjustable Trigger. In addition, a solid steel guide rod adds weight where it matters most. These enhancements maximize the user’s accuracy potential, while increasing their split times between shots.

The P226 SAO variant brings the same feature set to the table in a single-action only package. The addition of the SIG Master Shop Super Match Flat Trigger provides exceptional feel and consistent trigger pull regardless of finger placement. Additionally, the Legion SAO debuts the new single action SRT (short reset trigger) and is available in 9mm. The P226 SAO is projected to begin shipping in November.

Available only at SIG SAUER dealers, the Legion Series of products will grow to include offerings from all of SIG SAUER, including rifles, optics, silencers, and more. For more information on how you can join the Legion, please visit

What to Include in Your Field Dressing Tool Kit

It’s more important to immediately field dress certain animals over others. Javelina, wild hogs and other animals that eat just about anything fall into that category, because there’s an increased likelihood of bacteria growing on the carcass. Having the proper equipment and knowing a few best practices makes all the difference in taking home good table fare.

For example, the scent (musk) gland on javelina is used by the animal to mark its territory and recognize other herd members. It must be carefully removed with the hide to avoid tainting the meat with the smelly liquid that comes from it. And don’t contaminate the meat by touching it with tools that have come in contact with the gland. The same idea goes for paunch shots on deer — avoid puncturing the gut and releasing all those nasty liquids.

Every hunter loves the excitement of hitting a target after hours of sitting in a treestand. But that euphoria can quickly morph into anxiety if you have to drag the animal back to your truck for field dressing. You can put together a good kit with every necessary tool for field dressing in a backpack and make the entire hunting experience that much easier for you.

Sharp Knife

This is by far the most important tool for your field dressing kit. A dull knife leads to tearing and all the aforementioned messes. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a high-quality, long-lasting knife for field dressing, either.

The Buck 110 folding knife is small (less than five inches folded), sharp, durable and a long-time favorite of avid hunters. This model has been around since the early 1960s, with many hunters still using the first one they ever bought. Cabela’s carries the Buck 110 for $45.

LED Headlamp

Nightfall starts creeping up quickly, particularly in November when most hunters get in their first deer action. The USDA typically allows one hour after killing any meat animal for it to be processed to prevent E-coli, salmonella and other contamination. This is a good rule of thumbs for hunters in the field as well, whether it’s high noon or midnight.

Headlamps enable hands-free operation and complete control as to where the illumination is directed. Don’t be fooled by name brands and other “perks.” A good headlamp can be had for under $20. The fact it will most likely be thrown in a backpack with bloody knives and other equipment is more reason not to spend a lot on one.

Miscellaneous Items

Never carry a deer carcass over your shoulders. Other hunters could mistake it for a live deer and take a shot at you. Once the initial field dressing has been done, drag the carcass back to your truck. Drill holes in a plastic sled and tie ropes to it, and transport it that way. Otter makes sport sleds starting at $45.

Nitrile or latex gloves should be worn at all times while field dressing to prevent the spread of disease. Individually wrapped wet wipes also come in handy. There’s no need to hang the deer and bleed it out, as this will happen in the course of regular field dressing. A corrosion-resistant stainless steel hand saw is useful for those who quarter the deer for transport.

The colder it is outside, the longer you have before the meat of your harvested deer begins to spoil. But it’s best to be prepared for immediate field dressing in all situations.