History of Lehigh Defense Xtreme Penetrator

After the success of their Maximum Expansion bullets (which provided a devastating wound channel with reduced risk of over penetration) and Controlled Fracturing bullets (one of the most unique projectiles ever designed), Lehigh Defense decided to focus on innovating and updating the design of one of the late Elmer Keith’s creations, the hard cast Semi-Wad Cutter.

The original SWC Keith bullet filled a niche early on as it helped hunters face dangerous game with penetration measured in feet instead of inches. Unfortunately, the early copper-jacketed lead core hunting bullets that were in use at the time, often delivered less than ideal performance, as they:

· disintegrated upon contact with tough shoulder bone

· were unable to withstand the high velocity of the Magnum Cartridges at close range

· failed to expand enough at greater distances to produce a significant would hole

While the SWC wasn’t a perfect bullet, it was an improvement over the copper-jacketed lead core bullets, striking a balance between good penetration and respectable terminal performance (probably the reason it’s still with us today). That’s why, in 2011, Lehigh Defense started to innovate and update the design.

To overcome the limitations of the SWC Keith bullet, Lehigh Defense decided to design a bullet that would never break apart upon contact with a shoulder bone, one with sufficient length for straight line penetration, but less weight than a conventional hard cast lead bullet.

In the Spring of 2014, after 3 long years of development, Lehigh Defense released the Xtreme Penetrator (XP), a next generation bullet that looks mean and delivers a high level of terminal performance (which is easily confirmed upon witnessing a test fire into 10% ballistic gel).

Ultimately, the XP has exceeded all early design expectations. The “X” nose design is as wide as a traditional SWC design, but the cut-out flutes on the sides and top reduce the surface area enough to allow it to penetrate deeper but maintain higher velocity during penetration.

Since the XP bullet is lead-free, it is significantly lighter than leaded counterparts, which results in less recoil and increased velocities with equal powder charges. The XP design delivers plenty of penetration and unbelievable terminal performance while maintaining 100% of its original weight (regardless of what it comes into contact with).

With looks to kill and performance that does just that, the XP has become Lehigh’s recommended go-to bullet for functionality and design in a single bullet. Visit http://www.lehighdefense.com to learn more about the Xtreme Pentrator and all of their innovative projectiles.

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School Overreach



See this photo? yea, well this photo got me and my gf suspended from our high school for 10 days. possible expulsion too. Today we were taken right before the Cross Country states meet. We were asked, “why would you post something like that?” when we tried saying something, they told us to be quiet and they separated us. I was sent to a room and my bag was searched, along with my clothes and locker. The school called the police and they had a cop speak to us without reading our rights and without our parents permission. We had no say in what happened and we never got a chance to defend ourselves. We are both out of school now, in a school that only allows 4½ days absent. Which means if they don’t expel us, we pay for overpriced saturday school and winter school. I understand it was wrong to take a picture with guns but come on. My dad took the photos, in my house. The guns were pointed at the floor, on safety, mock mags in, and our fingers weren’t on the trigger. We had a responsible adult and he isnt againts airsoft. He knows gun safety and he keeps my guns, i dont have them unless im out at the fields. Well the dance was friday, and it went perfectly fine. No fights or anything. Today is monday, and now were both defenseless. The school took away whatever rights we had about speech. Our parents didnt have a say either. In 10 days we will have to have a conference with the school board, they will decide if we get suspended or not. I think its bullshit that we get suspended over a photo taken at my house because it was “threatening”. If my school wanted to suspend everyone who posted a “threatening” photo, then i couldnt have a photo with a car because cars kill people. honestly i think its unfair and its not right. My school could care less if you post a picture of you smoking or getting drunk. but you post a photo of a gun and everyone loses their mind. So right now im trying to get this story out to people to try to show that the school is wrong and that it wasnt a threat to anyone. The school is Bristol-Plymouth Voc/Tech in Taunton, MA. Please help me out guys., thanks.

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Pumpkin Carving

I must apologize for the sound quality. Even though I charged the camera overnight, it died when I brought it out to the range. After some investigation, it appears that the battery is no longer holding a charge. So I had to resort to using my phone to take the video. As it did not have a way to attach to the tripod, I propped it up between a tree stump and some rocks.

Finished pumpkin

Finished pumpkin