UN Rights Chief Calling For US Gun Control

What he doesn’t seem to understand is that MURDER is already a crime. Taking away firearms from citizens will only embolden criminals to further their acts. Just look at the Gun Free Zones to figure that out — those in GFZ areas cannot defend themselves against attackers.

Self defense is a human right.

Source: http://www.mrctv.org/videos/un-rights-chief-calls-us-gun-control-measures-after-orlando-attack

Chuck Rangel On Concealed Firearms By His Constituents In Harlem

“I wouldn’t want them to have it. I know what you’re trying to say. Corruption is corruption, and it’s bad,” Rangel said.

“Law-abiding citizens just shouldn’t have to carry a gun. You’re not gonna push me in that direction,” he said, standing just five feet from a Capitol Police officer, who stood at his post by the House Speaker’s Lobby.

When referring to members of Congress such as himself, who are protected by armed police officers (note – emphasis mine):

“Well that’s a little different. I think we deserve–I think we need to be protected down here.” Rangel laughingly insisted.

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