SilencerCo On Capitol Hill

For months now, the foremost issue in the shooting sports community has been the introduction of the Hearing Protection Act, a proposed bill introduced by Representatives Jeff Duncan and John Carter that, if passed, would eliminate many of the regulatory hurdles for firearms owners looking to purchase a suppressor by removing the devices from the National Firearms Act of 1934.

Despite uneducated and outright false claims by opponents that “silencers” allow violent criminals to operate undetected by law enforcement or bystanders, the use of suppressors can make shooting safer for users by lowering the report of the gun, which is easier on the shooter’s (and bystanders’) ears, as well as improving accuracy and hunting purposes and sparing Americans from the current burden of a $200 tax stamp requirement and excruciatingly long approval wait times.

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Suppressors & Steel

The Sound of Silence vs the Strength of Steel – Shooting suppressed rifles with steel targets provide a comfortable platform with instant feedback of a hit/miss. In this video we look at 9mm, 45ACP and 5.56×45, comparing supersonic ammo to subsonic ammo as well as suppressed vs unsuppressed. Special Guest, Lil’ Red Danger.