Walther Arms has identified a potential condition in Walther CCP pistols that could potentially cause it to discharge if dropped whether the manual safety is engaged (on) or disengaged (off). The safety of our customers is our paramount concern so we have voluntarily initiated this recall because of the possibility of a drop-fire occurring.

Please do not load or fire your Walther CCP pistol and contact us immediately to arrange to have your pistol upgraded free of charge.

If your pistol has already been upgraded, there will be a dot milled onto the back side of the magazine opening.

The upgrade will be done at no charge to you. For free shipping, please enter your information here, and complete the online form, making sure to include the serial number. After completion of the form a confirmation email will be sent including shipping information.

Please note: The serial number is located on the right side of the pistol.

Please submit your information here –

Please check this website ( and all safety notices on a regular basis for current information about your firearms. You may also contact us by phone at 1-866-503-3389, by email at or by mail at Walther Arms, Inc., 7700 Chad Colley Boulevard, Fort Smith, AR 72916.

The current time to repair your CCP is approximately 3 weeks from the time we receive it.

We appreciate your assistance and apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

4 Ways to Boost the Security of Your Gun Safe

Whether you’re an experienced hunter or gunsmith or you only have a firearm for home protection, keeping your gun safe secure should be a top priority. A typical home burglar or thief is usually looking for three things: cash, jewelry, and guns. Avoid being a victim by making your gun safe more secure using these four tactics.

Install a Security Camera System

A home security camera system allows you to monitor your home’s perimeter, entrances, windows, hallways, staircases, and high value items, such as your gun safe. For an easy-to-install solution, choose a security camera system by Lorex that also offers remote viewing from a smartphone app. You’ll have access to your security camera footage from anywhere and receive notifications for motion-triggered events. Monitor what’s happening in your home and around your gun safe in real time while recording and and play back footage when needed.

Distract With a Decoy Gun Safe

A decoy gun safe in plain sight will distract the burglar and have them running off with your decoy or buy you enough time to react. If you have the funds to invest in a mid-range safe, the burglar will most likely take the entire safe rather than wasting time to unlock it at your home. Be sure to throw some heavy items (i.e. bricks, dumbbells) inside the safe to convince the thief they have come across the real thing. If you’re only looking to invest in low-range decoy that burglars could unlock at your home, be sure it contains enough “valuables” to convince the burglar that they have found your honeypot and they don’t need to look any further. Items to consider include costume jewelry, fake documents (i.e. birth certificates, social security cards), a low budget pistol with the firing pin removed and boxes of ammo.

Install a Gun Safe Alarm System

An alarm system lets you know when your gun safe has been tampered with. It’s the perfect accessory to accompany your home security system or to protect your valuables solo. Most systems are battery powered, connect to your home’s Wi-Fi network, and send you a text or email notification when an alert has been triggered. Not only does it alert you when there is movement or when the door opens, it also warns you if the humidity or temperature rises above a trigger point you determine.

Bolt or Anchor Your Gun Safe

The location of your safe is more crucial to your guns’ safety than which gun safe you choose to buy. When choosing the location, you’ll be compromising between theft, flood, fire, and convenience/access. When considering bolting or anchoring your gun safe, you’ll need to choose a location which has a floor or wall that can safely support your safe. The floor must support the weight of the safe and consist of a hard material which will make it harder to get a prying tool under. Anchoring your safe down to a concrete slab is your best bet, but be sure to put a hard rubber mat between the safe and the slap to avoid corrosion of your safe from moisture buildup. If you’re unable to anchor your safe, bolt the safe to the wall. Although it’s not always very practical and its not nearly as secure as anchoring your safe, it still forces the burglar to waste time fiddling with the safe.

A Reminder On Unknown Reloads

And this is why you don't shoot reloads, especially reloads someone else gives you. Someone gave my dad some ammo for his M1 carbine – in a factory box (some not). I didn't know this at the time, but quickly figured it out. It was in a factory box and he got the ammo third or fourth hand. All the head stamps were different. He also had some soft point ammo that wouldn't chamber. Buy factory ammo from a reputable company. If someone wants to give you ammo – ask where they got it from and if it's reloads or not. This is a great reason to wear eye pro. I have seen factory ammo blow up guns on multiple occasions. Reloads or "unknown" origins of ammo someone wants to give you – probably is not the smartest. It will probably void your warranty as well. Fortunately there wasn't any damage – well just to my underwear 💩🔫😮 #nokaboomtoday #kaboom #eyepro #m1carbine #30carbine

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