Sig Sauer Safety Warning and Recall Notice

SIG SAUER, Inc. has determined that a limited number of rifles in the SIG716 DMR®, SIG516® Carbon Fiber and SIGM400® Predator models are subject to a Safety Warning and Recall Notice. Some models were built with a two-stage SIG SAUER trigger that may have an improperly heat-treated hammer. Over time, this could result in a trigger malfunction creating a significant safety hazard. SIG SAUER is issuing a mandatory recall to replace the hammer and trigger assembly in these specific rifles. This recall does not affect any military or law enforcement rifles or any SIG MCX®/SIG MPX® products.

SIG SAUER will correct any of the affected firearms at no cost to the customer.

The firearms affected by the recall can be identified by the presence of a SIG mark etched into the hammer.

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Biometric Technology: The Modern Way to Secure Your Firearms

If you have firearms at home then keeping them safe is sure to be one of your top priorities. The last thing that you want is for a youngster or an intruder to get hold of a gun without your consent, as this can end in disaster.

There are many different types of gun safe that can be used to stop your firearms from ending up in the wrong hands. Some use old-fashioned locks with keys and others have more a modern type of lock, such as those that use biometric technology.

How It Works

Biometric access means that you use a unique psychical feature to verify who you are. This can mean carrying out a retina scan or using facial recognition software but with biometric safes it is typically a fingerprint scan that is carried out.

As the owner of the safe you simply have to program it with your fingerprints when you first get it. Then, to open it each time you just need to scan your fingerprints again.

This means that there is no chance of anyone gaining unauthorized access, as no two people have the same fingerprints.

Easy to Use at Any Time of Day or Night

A crucial factor with gun safes is that they need to be easy to open in moments of extreme stress. If you hear a noise in the middle of the night then the last thing that you want is to have to fumble about in the dark with keys or punch in awkward codes.

With a biometric safe, opening it is as simple as putting your finger on the scanner, meaning that you can do it quickly and safely even in the dark. This means that you will be armed and ready to defend your family in a matter of seconds.

If you like to keep your guns next to your bed then you can go to sleep peacefully, knowing that you can reach out for your firearms whenever you need to. In a matter of seconds you can be armed and ready to defend your family.

No Keys to Keep Safe

One of the biggest weaknesses of many safes is that they are operated by a key. Therefore, if the key is lost or stolen then the safe can be easily opened by whoever has it. This also means that you can’t open it if you don’t have the key or if it gets damaged.

This means that you need to find a hiding place for the key, with the risk that you forget where it is or that someone else discovers it. You might have the toughest safe in the world but if an intruder or a child has the key then they will have incredibly easy access to your guns.

With a biometric safe you will only have a spare set of keys that you can use in the event of problems with your fingerprint scan. You can store those safely out of harm’s way and might never have to even use them.

Different People Can Use It

It is easy to think that only one person can open any particular gun safe. Yet, a good biometric safe can be used by numerous people, each opening it with their own fingerprint scan when they need to.

The best safes let you store a number of different scans, so that various people can use it when necessary. This means that there is no hassle and need to worry about sharing a key, getting copies of the key or making sure that everyone has the up to date access code.

A good tip is that you can store prints for each of your fingers so that you can open it without any problems at any time. Some people even scan the same finger various times but slightly differently each time, so that they are sure that the scanner will recognize them when they are in a rush.

Affordable and Reliable

You might think that this kind of cutting edge technology is going to be extremely expensive. Yet, the truth is that biometric gun safes are actually very good value these days.

If you think about how this object could protect your family, it is sure to be something that you look back on in the future as being a good investment. There is no longer any need to take chances when it comes to keeping your family safe at home.


Looking after the safety of your loved ones becomes a lot easier when you choose to store your guns in a biometric safe, the only concern is finding the best gun safe for your needs. Hopefully you never have to open it in an emergency but if you do then you will know that you can get to your firearms quickly and with no fuss at all.

This article was written by Tom Ginevra – a gun enthusiast, safety expert and blogger. With over 10 years of firearm experience, Tom has been inspired to educate and spread the word of gun safety.

SIG SAUER Issues Safety Warning and Recall Notice on Rifles

SIG SAUER, Inc. has determined that a limited number of rifles in the SIG716 DMR, SIG516 Carbon Fiber, and SIGM400 Predator models were built with a two-stage SIG SAUER trigger that may have an improperly heat-treated hammer.

Over time this could result in a trigger malfunction creating a significant safety hazard. SIG SAUER is issuing a mandatory recall to replace the hammer and trigger assembly in these specific rifles.

This recall does not affect any military or law enforcement rifles or any SIG MCX/SIG MPX products.

SIG SAUER will correct any of the affected firearms at no cost to the customer.

To determine if a specific firearm is affected by the recall, go to and utilize the serial number identifier and visual inspection instructions.

SIG SAUER Carbon Fiber SIGM400 Carbine
SIG SAUER Carbon Fiber SIGM516 Carbine
If you are a customer who is affected by the recall, stop using the firearm immediately and follow the instructions on the website or call SIG SAUER Customer Service by dialing 603-610-3000, option #1. Have the rifle’s serial number available.

About SIG SAUER, Inc.

SIG SAUER, Inc. is The Complete Systems Provider, leading the industry in American innovation, ingenuity, and manufacturing. SIG SAUER brings a dedication to superior quality, ultimate reliability, and unmatched performance that has made it the brand of choice among many of the world’s elite military, government and law enforcement units as well as responsible citizens. SIG SAUER offers a full array of products to meet any mission parameter, including handguns, rifles, ammunition, electro-optics, suppressors, ASP (Advanced Sport Pellet) airguns and training. The largest member of a worldwide business group of firearms manufacturers that includes SIG SAUER GmbH & Co. KG in Germany and Swiss Arms AG in Switzerland, SIG SAUER is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company with more than 1,600 employees. For more information on SIG SAUER, any of its products, or the SIG SAUER AcademySM, please visit on to

PPSS Group’s New Emergency Body Armour Will Help Protect Civilians

Designed for individual protection, a new rapidly deployable ‘Emergency Body Armour™’ is offering the latest in globally respected and field-tested body armour technology, displaying truly outstanding protection from edged weapon, such as machetes and knives.

Following a number of well documented knife attacks on civilians in recent years, PPSS Group started a comprehensive R&D project with the aim to design a ultra-lightweight body armour that can be strategically located in public places and deployed within a very few seconds, in case of emergency.

The UK firm is now making this new ‘Emergency Body Armour’ available to airports, train stations, hospitals, city centre hotels, and other key locations civilians may flee to and seek shelter when faced by a suddenly occurring threat.

According to the company behind this concept, this latest ‘Emergency Body Armour’ also offers unmatched protection from blunt force trauma injuries, usually suffered following an assault by a blunt object.

A top healthcare security specialist in Britain wished to remain anonymous, but commented: “To have something small, compact and lightweight stashed away or strategically placed that you could pull out and throw on, would make a huge difference between a potential life and death situation.”

Robert Kaiser, CEO of PPSS Group strongly agrees with this statement. Presenting at yesterday’s global product launch at London’s Hilton Canary Wharf Hotel he said: “An Emergency Body Armour makes sense, and it will help to protect human lives and reduce the number of casualties when a serious threat occurs.”

A live video demo of this new armour can be viewed below:

Following the issuing of body armour to all Police Forces in the UK in the 90s, many hospital and university security teams have now equipped their teams with stab resistant vests since. The same can be said for several public sector enforcement teams, such as Trading Standards, Licensing, Community Safety, Environmental Health and Car Parking Enforcement.

About PPSS Group:

PPSS Group is specialised in the development, manufacturing and supply of high performance body armour, offering unrivalled protection from firearms, edged weapons and blunt force trauma. PPSS Group’s social media presence: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram.

Canik Product Safety Warning and Severe Duty Upgrade Notice

This notice applies to Canik’s 9x19mm pistols: TP9SA, TP9SF, TP9SFx, TP9SF Elite, TP9SF Elite-S. Canik’s other products are not subject to this notice.

All Canik pistols comply with and exceed current industry and military abusive handling standards. There are no safety concerns with the pistols when used under ordinary conditions.

Canik is committed to continuously improving its product’s performance. Evaluations and tests have shown that repeated abusive dropping of pistols may result in damage to safety features and unintentional discharge.


The product must be inspected by a qualified gunsmith or returned for inspection after any significant impact.

  • WARNING: REPEATED IMPACTS TO YOUR PISTOL TO TEST ITS SAFETY FUNCTIONS WILL DAMAGE INTERNAL PARTS, AND VOID ITS WARRANTY. Firearm abusive handling tests can be dangerous and should only be conducted by qualified individuals in controlled environments with proper safety precautions in place. Canik does not recommend that any customer conduct drop tests or other endurance tests before or after this Severe Duty Upgrade.
    Canik is committed to manufacturing safe, reliable, innovative and affordable firearms. We are offering a voluntary upgrade to the trigger safety spring and firing pin block spring on the Canik models noted above. This is to further increase the safety of Canik pistols for enhanced drop discharge prevention in heavy/severe duty conditions that are beyond industry standards. The Severe Duty Upgrade does not alter any feature or design of the pistols. Canik will provide all parts and workmanship at no charge, but customers will be responsible for shipping costs.

Steps for upgrading your pistol? Our goal is to have the Severe Duty Upgrade process in place by Friday, September 8, 2017. After this date, please visit for complete instructions on how to receive your Severe Duty Upgrade.