Federal Judge Rules No-Fly List Process Is Unconstitutional

Wonder how this will play out given the consideration of preventing those on the “no-fly” from obtaining firearms in an effort to combat terrorism?

A federal judge in Oregon says the process surrounding the federal government’s “no-fly list” is unconstitutional.

Specifically, U.S. District Judge Anna Brown said the process doesn’t give Americans on the list an effective way to challenge their inclusion.

Read the rest of the article: http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2014/06/24/325216937/federal-judge-rules-no-fly-list-process-is-unconstitutional

Tom Araya On Guns

Tom speaks to the crowd during a concert in Switzerland.

Is it true that every household has to own a rifle or a gun? No? I thought everybody was supposed to have a rifle or a gun in their home. It’s not right? How else are you gonna defend your country?

Where you are in the world, you need to protect yourselves. Not from each other, but from invaders. And you know what I’m talking about, right? You should be aware of your invaders — people that come here to do you harm. It’s not right. You should be able to protect and defend your country. That’s the way it should be everywhere. ‘Cause when you don’t have anything to protect yourself or your fellow countrymen, what happens? People fucking die. They do! Don’t they? Yeah. Did you see it going on?

I’m not gonna name names, but you can see what’s going on in other countries. ‘Cause they can’t protect themselves. And that’s what I’m talking about: being able to protect yourself and your fellow countrymen and your fucking country. I’m being serious, man. This isn’t a fucking joke. You know, it really sucks to know that other people die, because you can’t protect them. That fucking sucks.

Homeland Security Adviser Demands National Gun Registry

The Obama administration has been riddled with Muslims who are anti-American in their views in key national security positions. Now, Cairo-born Gamal Abdel-Hafiz, who immigrated to the States in 1990 and worked at the FBI for 22 years is calling for a national gun registry in clear violation of the Second Amendment.

Abdel-Hafiz who is consulting Obama’s “countering violent extremism,” which should be more accurately titled, “countering Islamic terrorism,” suggested that a national gun registry be created.

He explained his anti-American, pro-Nazi thinking to WFAA.

Read the rest of the article: http://freedomoutpost.com/obamas-muslim-homeland-security-adviser-demands-national-gun-registry/

UN Rights Chief Calling For US Gun Control

What he doesn’t seem to understand is that MURDER is already a crime. Taking away firearms from citizens will only embolden criminals to further their acts. Just look at the Gun Free Zones to figure that out — those in GFZ areas cannot defend themselves against attackers.

Self defense is a human right.

Source: http://www.mrctv.org/videos/un-rights-chief-calls-us-gun-control-measures-after-orlando-attack