Happy Birthday Sean

November 14, 2013

November 14, 2013


So many things I would have liked to share with you… The simple pleasure of warm sunlight on your face. The color of the sky on a cloudless, moonless night. The smell of a freshly caught fish. The intensity of what truly great music sounds like. Subtleties involved in humor.

But we will never have those — or the millions of other — opportunities.

Goodbye son. Show me around and tell me what it’s like when I get there.


Getting That Gun You Want

If I had to ask right now: what gun (or guns) do you want next — would you have an answer? Maybe a list of potential firearm purchases that you’d like to make? If I had to answer, I could offer several guns that I would like to have right now. Perhaps the newly released Glock 19/17 Gen5. I’ve heard great things about the Arex Rex Zero. An autoloading shotgun such as the Benelli M4 would be amazing. I wouldn’t mind an IWI TAVOR, or a LaRue OBR… the list goes on.

Maybe you don’t have the cash on hand to buy it right now. Or maybe you do but you would face the wrath of your husband/wife if you went out and picked up another gun. There could be any number of reasons preventing you from buying another gun right now. Maybe you just bought one this week and need to space it out a bit.

You could just suck it up and suffer through, pining away for that new gun day after day. Maybe you’re one of those folks who would be able to be consistently good about forgoing a coffee and putting that money away each day until you have the requisite funds to buy that gun of your dreams.

Many major retailers offer layaway programs at the holidays to allow folks to put away a bit at a time for that special gift for someone. Did you know that there are gun stores that would allow you to get firearm financing in the same type of fashion? Doing this fashion takes away the management and self dedication aspect required if doing yourself.

Were you aware that layaway for a firearm was even possible? Most gun shops offering this type of program would require a down payment (typically in the 20 – 40% range) and then would require the balance to be paid off in full in a period of 90 – 180 days (or perhaps longer, depending on your shop’s rules/regulations). There are some shops that have another type of offering – one that lets you shoot now and pay later! For obvious reasons, NFA and/or Class 3 items would not be part of this of SNPL offering. Basically it amounts to a credit application – similar to if you were purchasing a TV from Best Buy and wanted to put it on a company credit card to space out the payments.

Now that you have some alternative ways to make some purchases, get to thinking about what gun you want next. Drop a listing in the comments for what gun (or guns) you have on your ‘buy’ list in the near future. Would love to hear what everyone has their eyes on.