LEAK: Remington RP Pistol

As seen on Rob Picncus’ Instagram feed.


Noted features from the image:

  • Tactile loaded chamber indicator
  • Drift adjustable sights
    User can adjust sights to pereference
  • “Fighting Surface” on rear sight
    For one-hand slide operation
  • PVD finish on slide and barrel
    For maximum durability
  • Standard picatinny rail
    For aftermarket accessories
  • Smooth, light & crisp single-action trigger
    Consistent and smooth, with short reset
  • Reversible magazine release
  • Trigger guard undercut
    Allows higher hand hold for increased control
  • Ergonomic polymer frame
    Fits 95% of all shooters
  • Easy loading double stack magazines
    Industry’s highest magazine capacity per caliber
  • Optimized grip angle
    Reduces felt recoil and increases shootability
  • Ambidextrous slide lock

Understanding The Glock Trigger

GLOCK’s domination of the handgun market is the envy of all of its competitors, yet there’s a controversial element of the GLOCK design: the trigger. So how does the GLOCK trigger really work?

In designing their trigger system, GLOCK engineers went with as simple a system as possible to reduce parts to an absolute minimum. They incorporated three safeties in the design to protect against accidental discharges, or in the language of the gun community “negligent discharges” (NDs).

And yet the forums are still populated with horror stories of NDs. So what’s the story? Who takes the blame, GLOCK or the negligent user?

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