Essential Tactical Assault Gear

A lot comes to mind when we talk of essential tactical assault gear. When this discussion arises, some people think about tactical riffles, tactical knives, tactical gear and things alike. In the military, tactical assault gear is very essential and is used by both military and police personnel as well as other duties such as voluntary medical practitioners and firefighters. Why use tactical assault gear? The reason why these gears are used instead of casual wear is due to their tough, versatile and diversified features which enable them withstand rough environments without tear.

What is tactical? Do you need it to be tactical? The word tactical can be defined as “relating to”. It’s actually a mindset and not an accessory. With that, having a particular mindset is what drives you to look out for a particular gear which will suit your needs.

Before buying tactical gear, you need to examine yourself on how the budget suits the situation. You need to balance your budget through purchasing tactical gears and also paying much attention to other things such as food, water and medical kits. In the military, tactical assault gear is very vital as they give you access to everything you need during your line of duty. Plate carriers, backpacks, chest rigs and pouches all offer ample space to store extra ammunition as well as protecting you from the enemy’s bullets.

Since this is a self-defense article, I will take you through a foundation list of some of the must have essential tactical assault gear for your defense and survival.


In the military, a backpack is very handy as it offers room to store tactical accessories as well as food and water. While there are many types of backpacks available in the market worth hundreds of dollars, purchasing a simple ALICE pack is worth to consider. ALICE backpacks are simple, cheap and tough. They’ve been designed with quality fabrics and are very tough and military proven.

Combat boots
Combat boots are mostly used by law enforcement personnel during operations. They’re flexible, comfortable and offer a wide range of protection depending on the grounds you’re traversing on. While these boots may be expensive, looking out for knockoff combat boots in sporting stores is a great idea as it helps you to cut costs. If you’re a hiking or a camping enthusiast, looking for knockoff tactical boots with good stitching, finish and fabric will help you save on costs.

Survival knife
While tactical knives may be solid, tough and of course expensive, purchasing cheaper knives which pure replicas of the original may seem a good idea. Companies such as Gerber, SOG and Kershaw make plenty of knives which are cheap and affordable to all customers.

Plate carriers
Unlike long ago when security personnel would stroll through the streets with nothing but plain shirts and a cup of hot cappuccino, today’s world requires a local police officer to wear plate carriers to offer maximum protection against lethal shots. In the market today, there are different types of plate carriers which are designed for civilians. Why do we need these tactical plate carriers anyway? The reason why we need plate carriers is to offer maximum protection against most shotgun and handgun rounds. Although they’re not tough enough as compared to original military plate carriers, they help to keep the job done in case of riots or maybe a state of emergency.

There are so many other tactical assault gears in the market which you can think of. For instance, people who enjoy hiking and camping should always remember to carry medical kits, firearms, camp heaters, security alarms and night vision devices to help them maintain top security while in the wilderness. Always remember to stay within your budget and invest in the best gear which is likely to stay for a long time.

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GunVault GVB1000 Security Flaw

GunVault GVB1000 from Handgun Safe Research on Vimeo.

California DOJ Approved

This handgun safe, called the Minivault Biometric, features the same release-wire locking mechanism found in the GV1000S. The main difference between the two safes is that this one has a fingerprint reader. Though it is a fancier, more expensive device, the GVB1000 is no more secure than the less expensive model; the mechanical components of the locking mechanism are accessible through holes in the side of the safe. To learn more about the engineering problems I’ve uncovered in a variety of handgun safes, see the Discussion page at

Kydex: An Alternative To Leather For Holsters

When it comes to storing firearms and their accessories securely, leather has so much to offer. While leather rough, water resistant, easily worked and abrasion resistant, it is also beautiful to look at. These are a few reasons why leather is the top choice of material to manufacture gun holsters and magazine pouches.

In addition, it’s a cheaper material in terms of cost and can is easily available as it comes from a variety of sources. Cow hide is not only the source of leather; some of the premium holsters are made from horse hide, among other things.

However, when it comes to firearms, leather does have several shortcomings. The tanning chemical that remains within the leather causes havoc sometimes on blued gunmetal. For this reason, it’s strongly recommended not to leave blued guns within their holsters for long. Moreover, leather needs a break before the gun holster will be any use at all. Leather needs to expanse over frequent use so that it fits the gun properly.

Due to these issues, Kydex has now replaced leather and is so popular today as a better material for holster.


For your information, Kydex is a synthetic acrylic polyvinyl chloride material (PVC) and a hybrid of acrylic and PVC. While it is very firm and abrasion resistant, it isn’t brittle like PVC and has excellent chemical resistance unlike leather.

Pros of Kydex

Kydex feels like a hard plastic to your hand with a rough surface. Talking about its appearance, it is mostly light gray in color.

Whether it’s a knife or the gun holsters or the magazine pouches, Kydex is a fantastic material for all. It’s thermo-molded meaning that it begins life as a flat sheet and is heated over a mold later where it takes its final shape.
While kydex is never going to be as drop dead gorgeous as leather, it does have some important advantages:

  • Kydex is a thermo molded material, which means that your new Kydex holster will fit your firearm accurately, with no slack or slop.
  • Unlike leather, there is no break-in period with Kydex. The moment you buy it, your gun will fit, and that too perfectly. No need to stretch it, no special oils or other laborious tasks.
  • Kydex is pH neutral and will not affect your firearms coating.
  • Kydex is much firmer and less easily bendable than leather.
  • A Kydex holster never requires maintenance or oiling other than an occasional wipe down with a damp rag.


The only downside to Kydex, is the fact that it is so well molded that you need to find the exact model of holster for your firearm. Most of the leather holsters will double as one-size-fits-all holsters for similar handguns which is not the case with Kydex. Still, for a daily carry holster, Kydex makes excellent sense!

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Hard Armor and Assault Rifles; A Look at the Most Popular and Famous Automatic Weapons

A bullet proof vest, or bullet resistant vest, cannot completely guarantee your protection. In a hostile situation, preparation and awareness are far more important than body armor. Having said that, a vest will dramatically increase your chances of survival, and it is important to ensure you are wearing the correct protection. Many are not aware of the various levels of protection available and even more do not realize that Kevlar cannot protect you against everything. For protection against the more powerful weapons, like automatic assault rifles, you need hard armor.

The FN SCAR is one of the most popular weapons available thanks to its adoption by the US Military. Constructed to be extremely modular, it is available in two common variants; the SCAR-L for ‘light’ ammo (5.56x45mm NATO) and the SCAR-H for ‘heavy’ ammo (7.62x51mm NATO). The first rifles were issued to a battalion of the US 75 th Ranger Regiment in April 2009, but the SCAR-L would later be dropped by US Special Ops Command in favour of the SCAR-H. This was quickly followed by plans to adopt conversion kits for the MK17 SCAR-H to enable their use of 5.56mm ammo. As of early 2015 the FN SCAR in various types was used by special ops/police in over 20 countries. The FN SCAR-L requires a Level III bullet proof vest, though only a Level IV vest can protect against the SCAR-H.

The HK415 was designed as an improvement on the M4 and is based on the AR-15 platform. Named for the makers (Heckler & Koch), the HK416 was designed for the US Army, and became famous as an automatic for being used by the Navy Seals to kill Osama Bin Laden. The HK416 was adopted as the standard rifle of the Norwegian Armed Forces and is in official use by countries all over the world. This famous weapon uses a gas system which reduces malfunction and increases the longevity of its parts. A Level III bullet proof vest is necessary to protect against this weapon.

The AK-47 is perhaps the most famous weapon in the world, and has the credentials to back up its popularity. Designed in 1945, finished in 1946, and adopted by the Soviet Army in 1948, the AK-47 is well known for its reliability and accessibility. This automatic is so popular that it makes up approximately 15% of all firearms in the world, thanks in part to its low production costs. Protection against an AK-47 requires the highest level of protection at Level IV.

The M16 is perhaps just as well-known as the AK-47, and was originally designed as a direct US competitor to the AK-47. Originally created as an adaptation of the AR-15 by the US Military, the M16 has been used in a variety of famous conflicts throughout its service history. In 1969 the M16A1 became the US Military’s standard service rifle, replacing the M14. 14 years later the USMC adopted it as their official weapon, and three years later the US army did the same. The M16 is the most produced firearm of its 5.56mm caliber, and total worldwide production of the rifle is approximately 8 million. Protecting against this famous weapon will require a vest at Level III.

IMI Tavor TAR-21
The IMI Tavor TAR-21 is usually abbreviated to either the TAR-21 or simply the Tavor. As its name suggests, it was developed by Israel Military Industries (now Israel Weapon Industries) who wished to develop a rifle that would outperform the dated M4A1 while staying suited to close quarters and mechanized infantry. By adhering to these specifications the IMI hoped to create a weapon that the Israel Defence Forces would adopt as its official weapon. In 2006 it was adopted by the IDF, with the changeover expected to be completed by the end of 2018. The Tavor is purported to be incredibly reliable and durable, as well as easy to maintain. In 2014 the National Rifle Association’s American Rifleman awarded the Golden Bullseye Award as its rifle of the year. To protect against this weapon you would need Level III hard armor.

The FAMAS is a French-made bullpup rifle, as its name explains ; FAMAS stands for ‘Fusil d’Assaut de la Manufacture d’Armes de Saint-Étienne’, which translates as ‘Assault Rifle from the Saint-Étienne Weapon Factory’. The first prototype for the FAMAS was designed in the 1950s, but it was not manufactured in any form until 1971. At that time the French Military was looking for a new service weapon, and while there were several German-made options available, the idea of using a German-made weapon could not be reconciled so soon after the end of World War II. Therefore, the FAMAS was created and quickly became the official weapon of the Armed Forces. Protection against this weapon would require a vest at Level III.

Armaspec Introduces the XPDW 5 Position Collapsible Stock

Armaspec, manufacturer of the Rhino R23 Magwell Funnel, AST90 assisted safety selector and TCB extended mag release, is pleased to announce the new Armaspec XPDW 5 Position Collapsible Stock.

Armaspec XPDW

Armaspec XPDW

The Armaspec XPDW 5 Position Collapsible Stock is a completely new take on the PDW stock. Unlike other PDW stocks that require modified BCGs, short buffer tubes with custom buffer springs and buffers, etc. the XPDW stock mounts directly to your standard AR-15 collapsible stock mil-spec buffer tube. This design allows the end user to easily install the XPDW stock with no modification to the AR with the exception of simply removing the standard AR-15 stock.

The Armaspec XPDW 5 Position Collapsible Stock also completely breaks the mold when it comes to the affordability by coming in at an unbeatable MSRP of just $179. XPDW units are currently in production and on display at SHOT Show 2016 booth number 3348. Stop by and check out our newest creation. We are accepting orders now.

If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Armaspec at

About Armaspec: Armaspec is a U.S. based manufacturer of firearm accessories, primarily for the AR platform. We focus on producing quality, innovative products that offer a tactical advantage, at a good price, all made in the U.S. Our product line includes magwell grips, charging handles, slings, tactical buttons, backup sights, and other AR accessories.