Copper Basin Announces Third Generation of its Takedown Firearm Backpack

Copper Basin, LLC, manufacturers of innovative, lightweight bags and packs for hunting, hiking and low-profile firearm storage, proudly announces the third generation of its Takedown Firearm Backpack. The low-profile backpack has been upgraded with new, more durable materials and unveiled in a customer requested gray and black color scheme.

“Our products are created by a design team that spends innumerable hours making sure every product is packed with technical features and innovation that will enhance our customer’s outdoor experience. To achieve this mission, we have to listen to our customers’ feedback and their input really helped us to develop an upgraded pack in a color scheme that they had been asking for. This purpose built yet unassuming pack is even more durable and more ready for rapid deployment than before,” said Gary Cauble, director of sales and marketing for Copper Basin.

They say it’s what’s on the inside that counts and although the Takedown Firearm Backpack doesn’t appear to be a purpose-built, tactical firearm transport case, it most certainly is. To start with, it has a quick access top flap for rapid removal and deployment of firearm components. This quick access top flap is part of a complete fold open design for easy access to components and gear at the range or in the field. The backpack’s dimensions have been designed to accommodate a variety of firearms with installed optics and bipods, with newly added longer internal pocket lids to accommodate an even wider variety of firearms. This diverse backpack also makes a good carry option for spotting scopes and other related gear. Layers of structural foam obscure the rifle’s signature contours and the interior of the pack’s pockets have been lined with fleece to protect the firearm and reduce noise.

Upgraded features of the Gen 3 Takedown Firearm Backpack include a new, heavier weight nylon in place of the original polyester, as well as durable faux leather used on the external base and in the internal pocket bottoms. A “lash tag” has been added to the rear of the pack to add to a discrete, pedestrian appearance. In this same vein, the external branding patch has been designed as removeable to allow for a total non-descript appearance. This also allows the customer to personalize the backpack with alternate patches if he or she so desires. Larger Velcro patches have been added on the internal pockets to make for quicker closing of the lids, while the addition of a sliding cinch allows the user to tighten an external bungee around gear. All of these new features and the Takedown Firearm Backpack MSRP still remains $99.99.

The Takedown Firearm Backpack is compatible with a variety of firearms including the following makes
and models:
• Alaskan Lever Action Takedown Rifles
• AR & AK Pistols
• AOW Shotguns / Compact Shotguns
• Century Arms AK Pistols
• Century Arms Draco Pistols
• Henry Survival AR-7 Rifle
• Kel-Tec Sub-2000 Rifles
• Kriss Vector Gen II SDP and SBR
• Ruger 10/22 Takedown Factory Rifle, 22
• Charger and 22 Charger Takedown
• Zenith Firearms MKE Z-5RS, MKE Z-5P, MKE Z-5K

For more information on Copper Basin or to purchase the Takedown Firearm Backpack, visit

About Copper Basin:
Copper Basin develops gear for people who enjoy the wild, rugged outdoors as much as we do. Our quality products are made to last, and are designed to perform when they’re needed the most: in the field. Copper Basin gear is designed to go beyond just the basic feature set. Our design team spends countless hours making sure every product is packed with technical features and innovation that enhances your outdoor experience.

Sentry Products Group Acquires Hexmag

Virginia Beach, Va. (October 2017) – SENTRY Products Group, an industry leader in the Military, Law Enforcement and Outdoor equipment, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Hexmag™, innovators of AR-15/AR-10 magazines and accessories.

When Hexmag was founded, it introduced lightweight magazines for the AR-15/AR-10 platforms.

“We set out to make the most durable, versatile and aesthetic magazine on the market,” stated Aaron Schefter, founder of Hexmag. He continued, “With great acceptance and a strong end user following, the company rapidly expanded and SENTRY was the logical partner to continue the product development. When the SENTRY crew were executives at BLACKHAWK!®, they really loved and understood product development and manufacturing and that is what I want for the future of Hexmag’s products.”

Built in the USA and backed with a lifetime warranty, Hexmag’s products are manufactured using a proprietary fiber-reinforced polymer, PolyHex2, resulting in a lighter and more durable magazine. The patented hexagonal surface provides superior grip and ease of handling. Hexmag’s HexID Color Identification System allows end users to quickly personalize magazines to identify different ammunition calibers. Product line extensions include grips, rail covers and grip tape allowing end users to further customize their gear.

“We are proud to add Hexmag products to our company offerings; their innovative approach to product design and marketing fits well and extends our presence in the Military, Law Enforcement, Tactical and OEM markets,” said Terry Naughton, President of SENTRY Products Group. He continued, “This addition creates new US based jobs as manufacturing and distribution moves to SENTRY’s Boise, Idaho facility and core business functions move to the Virginia Beach, Virginia U.S.A. headquarters.”

“The acquisition of Hexmag fits perfectly with SENTRY’s short, medium and long-term vision of both organic growth, as well as growth through acquisition,” said Mike Noell, CEO of SENTRY. “Hexmag was an easy plugin to our accessories business and gives SENTRY additional product categories, sales channels, new distribution partners and an entrance into the high-tech injection molded product arena. We are now focused on operational excellence, great products and awesome service. Thank you for your trust and business, we look forward to serving you!”

If you are interested in becoming a Distributor, Dealer, OEM Customer, Manufacturers Rep or to request an appointment to preview our product line at the 2017 NASGW Expo and Annual Meeting (booth #601), please contact us at (877) 726-7328.

About SENTRY Products Group, LLC:
Headquartered in Virginia Beach, Virginia U.S.A. with distribution world-wide, SENTRY designs, manufactures and distributes products and equipment serving our Military, Law Enforcement, Tactical and Outdoor industry. SENTRY Brands include Hexmag™, Scopecoat™, Slideboot™, Sentry Solutions™ and SENTRY™ brands. Product categories are Bags, Belts, Packs, Cases, Firearm accessories, Cleaning and Lubrication solutions for guns and knives, Optic covers, Rifle and Pistol Magazines, Rifle and Pistol Covers.

How to Find the Perfect Rangefinder That Suits You Best

A rangefinder is a device used to estimate the distances of objects focused on its lens. Most rangefinders make use of laser technology such that a beam of light is sent from the device to a targeted object and when the light reflects back into the device, the distance travelled by the light is used to approximate the distance of the object. With the many different rangefinders available in the market, it can be quite a tall order to find one that suits you best. Luckily for you, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the most important factors you should consider when shopping for a rangefinder.

  • Maximum Range – This is the farthest range that you can expect the device to read under optimum conditions. Ideal conditions would be a highly reflective surface such as a tall building or shiny surface. However, if you will be using your rangefinder for hunting, then there is a slim to none chance that you’ll be operating in optimum conditions. For this reason, as a general rule, find a rangefinder that has a maximum range about twice as much as your normal hunting range, e.g. if you mostly hunt deer within a maximum radius of 500 yards, then choose a rangefinder with a maximum range of about 1000 yards.
  • Magnification – This is the extent to which your rangefinder will be able to magnify objects. It is advisable to choose a rangefinder that has a magnification of 4X to 7X depending on your preferred hunting method. Bow hunters would work comfortably with a lower magnification of about 4X-5X while those using high-powered rifles can benefit better from a 7X magnification. The higher the magnification, the farther out you can hunt.
  • Angle Compensation – If you regularly hunt from tree stands, then you will benefit from a rangefinder with an inclinometer since it offers angle compensation, thereby resulting in a more accurate reading.
  • Reviews – Experience is the best teacher, hence before you purchase a rangefinder, be sure to read some online reviews of the product. A good website to visit is where they base their reviews on personal use of products and first-hand experience in the outdoors.
  • Accuracy – Since the main objective of a rangefinder is its ability to estimate distances, then it is mandatory that the rangefinder you choose has a high level of accuracy. Look out for rangefinders that have digitally enhanced accuracy features as they tend to be the best in this category.
  • Optic Display – Your rangefinder should have a crystal clear display so that you can accurately identify your target. It would be a shame for you to hunt or maim illegal game due to poor optics.
  • Durability – Since you’ll be using your rangefinder in the great outdoors, it needs to be well-prepared for the harsh conditions. Study the casing and material of your rangefinder to ensure that it will not easily break or become faulty. Waterproof and shockproof features are an added advantage.

Author Bio: Charlie Brown is a trainer and an experienced hunting guide working for an agency. Along with this, he writes blogs that informs and encourages people about safe shooting and hunting.

PPSS Group’s New Emergency Body Armour Will Help Protect Civilians

Designed for individual protection, a new rapidly deployable ‘Emergency Body Armour™’ is offering the latest in globally respected and field-tested body armour technology, displaying truly outstanding protection from edged weapon, such as machetes and knives.

Following a number of well documented knife attacks on civilians in recent years, PPSS Group started a comprehensive R&D project with the aim to design a ultra-lightweight body armour that can be strategically located in public places and deployed within a very few seconds, in case of emergency.

The UK firm is now making this new ‘Emergency Body Armour’ available to airports, train stations, hospitals, city centre hotels, and other key locations civilians may flee to and seek shelter when faced by a suddenly occurring threat.

According to the company behind this concept, this latest ‘Emergency Body Armour’ also offers unmatched protection from blunt force trauma injuries, usually suffered following an assault by a blunt object.

A top healthcare security specialist in Britain wished to remain anonymous, but commented: “To have something small, compact and lightweight stashed away or strategically placed that you could pull out and throw on, would make a huge difference between a potential life and death situation.”

Robert Kaiser, CEO of PPSS Group strongly agrees with this statement. Presenting at yesterday’s global product launch at London’s Hilton Canary Wharf Hotel he said: “An Emergency Body Armour makes sense, and it will help to protect human lives and reduce the number of casualties when a serious threat occurs.”

A live video demo of this new armour can be viewed below:

Following the issuing of body armour to all Police Forces in the UK in the 90s, many hospital and university security teams have now equipped their teams with stab resistant vests since. The same can be said for several public sector enforcement teams, such as Trading Standards, Licensing, Community Safety, Environmental Health and Car Parking Enforcement.

About PPSS Group:

PPSS Group is specialised in the development, manufacturing and supply of high performance body armour, offering unrivalled protection from firearms, edged weapons and blunt force trauma. PPSS Group’s social media presence: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Instagram.

Hexmag’s NEW Glock Compatible Pistol Magazines

Hexmag, LLC– maker of the most advanced and versatile AR-15/AR-10 platform magazines on the market, proudly announces its move into high-quality pistol magazines that will be available in early Spring of 2017.

These robust new lightweight (1.4 ounces) magazines feature a 17-round capacity for the Glock Model 17 and are also compatible with Glock 17C, G26, G34 and G17L models. Hexmag will follow launch of the 17-round magazine with a 10-round version for California residents and a 30-round version for those who need a super-high capacity magazine.

Hexmag’s Glock compatible magazines are available in either Black or Flat Dark Earth (FDE) matte finish and come with Hexmag’s patented gripping surface and a textured front-side “training” pattern for fast and easy indexing when reloading.

Constructed of Hexmag’s high-impact UV stabilized PolyHex2 Advanced Composite, these are tough magazines designed for hard work. Hexmag uses a proprietary Fusiform heat-treated stainless steel spring set at OEM tension for reliable feeding even after long-term storage when kept fully loaded.

“We listened closely to the market,” says Hexmag’s marketing director Dave Smith, “and saw the need for an alternative polymer Glock compatible magazine that was affordable, lightweight and as tough as our AR-15 and AR-10 magazines – and then refined and upgraded the design by integrating the classic hexagonal pattern for enhanced grip and indexing reference points.”

It gets better! These new pistol magazines feature Hexmag’s industry-first pistol identification system, the HexID Color Identification System perfected on its AR-15/AR-10 magazines. The base plate can be easily removed without tools and the follower and base latch plate color changed to designate which ammunition/bullet is in the magazine for quick identification.

MSRP: $16.99

Hexmag pistol and rifle magazines are made in the USA and come with Hexmag’s Lifetime Warranty!