Don’t Tread On My Son

Wore my Gadsden shirt the other day and my son loved it. Every day since he’s been wanting to see the snake. Liked it so much that I printed out a Gadsden flag and put it up in his room.


Ordered him a shirt of his own over the weekend…. Even though he’s only 18 months, I opted for the 24 month size so he can have more time to wear it. I’m sure he’ll be delighted when it comes in the mail.

5.11 Tactical Sale

LA Police Gear is running a sale on 5.11 Tactical belts. Savings range from $40 – $42 off regular price. The only caveat is that this is only for the slimmer folks, as only the size small (28″ – 30″) belts are on sale.

I ordered two of these yesterday. No idea when the sale ends, so get them while you can…

The rest of the 5.11 Tactical closeouts can be found at