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Help fund a three year old girl’s fight against leukemia.



Towards the end of August, my cousin’s 3 year old daughter came down with a fever. Thinking she had come down with a bladder infection, her parents took her in to the clinic. When things came back clean, the doctor ran a blood test and had to inform the parents that everything pointed to leukemia.

After a trip to the local hospital, the family was airlifted to the Seattle Children’s hospital. After plenty of blood and platelet transfusions, Maya had her first spinal tap and bone marrow aspiration. Results confirmed that she has acute lymphoblastic leukemia (cancer of the white blood cells).

The good news is that this variant of leukemia has around a 90% cure rate, but the timeline to be cured is a 2 – 3 year process. She has been undergoing chemotherapy and will continue to do so for quite some time.

If you would like to contribute money to help fund her treatment, a PayPal donation can be made in an amount you feel comfortable with. 100% of all donations go directly to her family. My heartfelt thanks to anyone that can donate.

Texas HB 972 Call To Action

HB 972 by Rep. Allen Fletcher and Sen. Brian Birdwell significantly moves forward the issue of personal protecton on college and university campuses.

First of all, HB 972 strikes and removes the offense of committing a 3rd degree felony for the possession of a firearm on the “premises” of a private or public college or university for CHLs and for commissioned, uniformed security officers. No opting in or opting out. The felony is removed and that’s a very big deal!

College presidents may or may not adopt rules or regulations prohibiting CHLs from carrying on campus; however, if they decide to prohibit they must consult with students, faculty, staff, and law enforcement and involve these people in the decision-making process. If a prohibition is decided, it may only remain in effect for one year. At the end of the year the rule must again be reviewed through this same consulting process and the ban renewed or amended. Every single year!

HB 972 provides civil immunity for colleges and universities who move forward to allow personal protection on campus.

Finally whether or not the college or university, public or private, modifies their employment policy and/or their student code of conduct for licensees, the rule-making authority will not extend to a CHL student’s personal vehicle parked on the university’s parking lot. You might recall this problem was fixed with the passage of SB 321 for college faculty and staff last session; however, not for students.

Right now a graduate student attending night classes at St. Ed’s in Austin, might have his licensed concealed handgun in his car while at work Then he must go home and secure the firearm before coming onto campus to class. If this licensed adult-student is caught with a handgun in his vehicle while at night school, he can be expelled by the university.

Stripping the felony is a giant first-step forward. Requiring university and colleges to annually involve students, faculty, staff and college law enforcement in rule-making or rule-amending is another step forward, and protecting the personal safety of students who commute has been a priority objective.

Call your Texas Senator to support HB 972 by Senator Brian Birdwell (R-Granbury).

Your messages needs to be “Please Vote For Consideration and Then Vote for Passage of HB 972″.

In the Texas Senate it takes 2/3s of the Senate to vote to bring ANY bill to the Senate floor for consideration and passage.

This means 21 Senators must vote to discuss HB 972. There 19 Republican Senators.

HB 972 is on the Senate Intent Calendar. We need 21 to bring it to the Senate floor, today or tomorrow. Bills then pass or fail by a simple majority.

The students need you. Don’t give the liberal anti-gunners a win.

Source: Texas State Rifle Association

Texas Legislative Call To Action

Saturday, May 4th, is being dubbed “Gun Bill Saturday.” The following gun bills will be debated on the House floor:

HB47 – Reduction of CHL class hours (SB864 will likely be substituted) – SUPPORT!
HB48 – Removes the requirement to take a renewal class to renew your CHL. – SUPPORT!
HB485 – Relating to the CHL fee for peace officers and military veterans – Neutral
HB508 – Creates large civil penalty for governmental entities posting unenforceable 30.06 signs. – SUPPORT!!
HB698 – Requires DPS to establish an alternative to digital fingerprints by L1 for people living more than 25 miles from L1 – Support.
HB801 – Requires Hunter Education Courses to include warnings about rounds leaving the property; also requires the posting of “School Nearby” signs. – OPPOSE.
HB1009 – Creation of new “school marshal” program. The bill is too narrow and will prevent thousands of volunteers – OPPOSE.
HB1304 – Changes code from “failure to conceal” to intentionally “displays” a handgun; and corrects McDermott decision. SB299 will likely be substituted – SUPPORT!!!!
HB1421 – Creates an option to sell certain seized firearms rather than destroy those guns. Support
HB1349 – Prevents DPS from requiring the disclosure of social security number on CHL new or renewal applications. – Neutral.

Please call and/or fax your Representative and ask them to support HB 47, 48, 508, 698, 972, 1304, and 1421, including the Senate substitutes of SB864 for HB47 and SB299 for HB1304. Please ask them to oppose HB801 (too costly for no gain) and HB1009 (too restrictive). It’s your call on the “neutral” bills.

Thanks to Charles Cotton (Texas CHL Forum) for the notice.

Cancer Benefit

My friend Lee has been diagnosed with cancer. I would like to raise some money to help fund his treatment. If every person that reads this contributed as little as a dollar, we could collectively give Lee several thousand dollars. I don’t expect everyone to give, as most can not. Please donate whatever you can afford. My heartfelt thanks to anyone that can donate to Lee’s cancer fund.