3 Do’s and Don’ts for Crossbow Hunting

Have you ever come across a newspaper featuring headlines of accidents encountered by hunters during the hunting season? Have you ever thought why do they take place? The answer is, of course, the lack of knowledge. While everyone thinks they can start off with crossbow hunting without having enough information about it, it is extremely risky, to begin with without knowing the do’s and don’ts therefore, you need to have a look at these before you go for your first hunting experience.
Three most important do’s for crossbow hunting are as follows:

1.Choose A High-Quality Crossbow
One of the major factors that make all the difference is the quality of your crossbow. A good crossbow is exceptional in its performance, lasts long and most importantly adds to the speed of the shots. Also, a superior quality crossbow provides you extended range and gives you the ability to hunt animals at a significant distance from you.

2.Make Sure Your Bolts Are Good
Besides the crossbows, what plays a major role in your hunting experience is the quality of the bolts. Arrows are available in a range of materials in the market including carbon and aluminum arrows. Carbon arrows are preferable as they are more rugged and strong however any arrow, designed for crossbows, having supreme quality is good enough as it ensures it pierces through the prey effectively.

3.Practice to Get Best Results
The third thing you must do is practice! Get your hands clean in open fields. Practice is what gives you confidence and makes you fearless. Practice will make you comfortable with the trigger, and you would learn the use of other equipment too. Start by giving yourself various practice sessions in which you should make yourself familiar with different hunting positions and distances to target your prey.

Three most important don’ts for crossbow hunting are as follows:

1.Don’t Forget Your Safety
What is extremely vital to learn is the safety rules before practically going for hunting to avoid the accidents we often hear of. Make sure your fingers are not between the cock string and the rail as it could lead to a loss of your finger! Putting your hand in the way of the bowstring would mean the once released; it would go slicing your fingers in between. Make sure you do not make this mistake.
2.Don’t Dry Fire
Do not dry-fire by mistake even as it can have deadly consequences! No matter how cheap an unsecured crossbow is, do not buy it. Always buy a crossbow with an anti-fire device to stay protected as it ensures the bow is not fired until the arrow is adjusted in its place.
3.Don’t Violate the Hunting Laws
Lastly, the most important thing is to fulfill your passion while respecting the hunting laws. Some states only permit crossbow hunting for a limited period, make sure you are using your crossbow in the permitted duration too. Similarly, there are further strict regulations regarding the equipment used too hence try to do hunting without violating the laws.

It is beneficial to ensure that you stick to these basics of hunting to avoid any undesirable incident and to have a safe, exciting hunting experience!

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5 Reasons Archery Makes You Better Prepared

If you’re reading this blog, you’re undoubtedly a fan of weapons, it’s all in the website title right? Well when was the last time you picked up a bow and arrow? When was the last time you even considered picking one up? You may be a regular bowhunter in which case this article probably isn’t for you as you already know and love your sport and there won’t be much I can tell you about bows you don’t already know. However, if that isn’t you, please read on, I’ve a few reasons why I think a bow is a great choice when you need to be prepared for any eventuality. For this post I’m going to focus mainly on the bow vs the gun.

The Thrill of the Hunt

So I’m sure you know you can hunt with a bow. There’s a big bowhunting following in some states in the US and an oversubscription in permits, everybody wants to get in on the action. There are also a raft of good hunting bows available, one of the most popular is the Samick Sage.

There’s something primal about hunting and there’s nothing you can’t hunt with a bow. Arrows can be fitted with blunt tips to hunt small game, bullet and field points for larger game and for the biggest takedowns there are tips called broadheads which nowadays are surgically sharp and designed to cause the largest wounds to your prey. There’s nothing you can hunt with a gun that you can’t hunt with a bow, admittedly you just have to be a little closer as a bow doesn’t have the range of a rifle, but nevertheless here’s one thing I don’t think you can do with a gun.


Bows are virtually silent, the won’t scare away your prey and they won’t alert nearby predators to your presence. Unless you have a silenced firearm I’m pretty sure you’re going to be heard.


Did you know you can bowfish? Yep standing in the shallows of fresh or saltwater with a bow and arrow, if you can see prey you can shoot it with an arrow. Anything from fish to sharks, even alligators. Bowfishing reels can be attached to the front of a bow and line and barbed tips attached to arrows to allow you to catch fish easily and reel them in. Now I’m sure you could shoot a fish, but the danger there is once you’ve shot it, you’ve probably lost it downstream and it’s a waste of ammunition, you can try try and try again with a single arrow.

In A Jam

Arrows break, fletches can be torn off by the arrow rest or on the path to a target. If you overdraw a bow you may break the limbs, but that’s as rare an occurrence as any other. Guns can misfire, bullets can be duds, if you don’t maintain your weapon correctly you’ll be in danger of it jamming.

I’ve never heard of a bow jamming.

A Survival Bow?

If you’re in a total survival situation you need something portable and light. Modern day engineering has developed something called the ‘Survival Bow’. These are lightweight (around 2lbs) folding bows that collapse right down into a neat little package which can measure around 21” in length but just 1” thick and are easily carried in a backpack or case. Models such as the SAS Tactical Survival bow are even hollow inside to allow storage of takedown arrows which come in 2 pieces and screw together. They generally require no tools to assemble unlike some modern Recurve bows and are designed to be just the thing to keep stashed in a survival cache or bug-out bag.

Good For The Soul

Shooting a bow and arrow is therapy. There’s something about the joy of hitting the target at distance accounting for wind and trajectory and using the power of your own limbs that gives me more pleasure than pulling a trigger. Archery is just plain good for the soul.

To Close

So off the top of my head, that’s 5 reasons. If you really get into the specifics of a survival situation there’s a reason why the bow and arrow has been around since before 9000 BC. Maybe firearms took over in the last six or seven hundred years, but bows still have a place, when the SHTF and the world isn’t quite as you know it, you may well be thinking I wasn’t that crazy after all. If you’re interested in learning more about archery head over to targetcrazy.com

Dave has loved archery since he was a small child, his parents told him he used to bug them to get me a bow and arrow until they eventually did one day and he has been shooting them in one form or another ever since!

Reasons to Teach Your Kids Archery

If you’re a parent, placing a legit weapon in your child’s hands might not seem like such a good idea. But what if i told you that archery if taught properly, can have amazing benefits for your child? Not only is it infinitely cool, but it can also teach your kid so many values and life lessons.

Think about how concentrated one must be to make a successful archery shot. The amount of discipline and self-control needed is exceptional. A child would make thousands of bad shots before hitting the bullseye.

Think about all of the benefits of that: Your kid will learn to hold their emotions when they miss, and instead focus on the next shot, improving their overall mental toughness. If you really think about it, archery actually promotes safety, as a kid would learn what is dangerous, and how to responsibly use dangerous things.
These and several other reasons have been summarized by guys at A Straight Arrow in this infographic: