5 Reasons Why an AR 15 is the Perfect Survival Rifle

In another piece, we detailed how to buy the right components to build your own survival rifle out of the AR-15 platform. There are so many options out there, maybe you’re not convinced. Let’s break down why the AR 15 is, indeed, the perfect survival rifle:

5. It’s Lightweight and Compact.

Very few rifles can take down a man-sized threat quickly and still measure less than 3 feet while weighing a meager 7 to 9 pounds. The AR-15 was originally developed as a lightweight solution for fatigued soldiers carrying heavy .30-cal guns long distances. The same principle applies in a survival situation where you’ll likely be on your feet, rucking and running day after day.

In a survival scenario, every ounce of weight counts. Look at any online prepper’s list and you’ll likely find the weight contributed by every item, down to that little tube of toothpaste. You want a lightweight rifle with easy-to-carry ammo – even a fully loaded 30-round magazine weighs just over 1 pound.

Chambering small but potent 5.56 or .223, the AR-15 is tough to beat. The best part is how easily the AR-15 breaks in half for storage. Just pop the two retaining pins and you can shove it in a backpack or hide it away.

4. It’s Deadly.

The most common cartridges you’ll find sitting inside an AR-15 are 5.56 NATO and .223 Remington. For simplicity’s sake (and because, for all intents and purposes, they’re the same round) we’ll focus on 5.56. The short-n-sweet of it is that this zippy little round is highly lethal. You’ll find plenty of evidence of hunters dropping deer within 100 yards using standard loads.

You might find some trolls on forums or community pages dissenting the O.G. black rifle round with a snarky smile. They love to put down the 5.56 round while they gently caress their oddball AR-15 safe queens, chambered in a bench round or some weird wildcat.

Those folks are ignorant and they’ve likely never spent time wearing a uniform or shooting at another living person with the intent to kill them. Without getting into the details, every NATO member nation fielding 5.56 has given it a stamp of approval, and NATO militaries agree that the next generation of small arms will still be using 5.56.

The U.S Army trains its service members to kill at 300 yards, and yes, 5.56 will do the job at that distance. Its highly accurate and it penetrates, fragments, and causes quite a bit of trauma. It has a hyper-flat trajectory out to 200 yards, and it’s fired from a lightweight, compact rifle. ‘Nuff said.

3. It’s Accurate.

Go ahead, find another rifle this small and light, with this kind of capacity, that consistently offers 1- or even sub-MOA accuracy using store-bought boxes of ammo for a couple hundred Benjamins. We’ll wait. Yes, almost every AR-15 barrel, upper, or rifle you’ll touch can offer this level of accuracy at 100 yards.

Why? Because the AR-15 market’s flooded. There have been political scares for the past 8 years, but with the current political climate in America, we’re witnessing a sort of gun renaissance. Manufacturers are pumping out truly high-quality, accurate barreled assemblies at great prices. Shooting 5.56, you’ll find your bullet drop is barely 5” at 200 yards and under 2 feet at over 350 yards. This makes for a predictable and easy-to-accurize round.

2. It’s Affordable.

The words “affordable” and “quality” rarely go together, but it’s easy on your wallet to build a quality, M4-like AR-15 to consider anything else for a survival scenario. You can find complete, mid-level rifle kits for under $500 that offer MOA accuracy and a guarantee of reliability. Now think about the last time you shot an “economy” pistol, shotgun, or bolt action. It probably felt snappy or choppy, it was heavy or flimsy, or it was simply a jamming, stovepiping turd.

And that affordable eastern bloc AK, slapped together in Bubba’s shop? Good luck hitting anything smaller than a barn door past 100 yards. We’re not talking smack on the AK market, but dollar for dollar, the AR can’t be beat. With any other weapon system, you’d have to spend a pretty penny to own a piece you’d trust your life to. The AR-15 is one of few that breaks this mold.

1. It’s Reliable. Reliability is #1 on the list of any survival intent. Those affordable rifle kits we just mentioned? Even they can manage 1,000 rounds without a single failure. These are rifles with clean, crisp triggers, good tolerances, reliable feeding and cycling, good accuracy, and mil-spec features.

We’ve all probably gotten into that argument with an ignorant anti-gunner and we’ve all likely resorted to the retort, “An AR-15 is nothing like an M4!”. But in truth, it really is. Few other weapons systems available on the civilian marketplace are as similar in reliability (and quite literally use the same components and features) as their military brethren.

When it really comes down to it, the AR-15 is missing one thing that the M4’s got: An auto sear. Beyond that, you can build or buy your own true M4 clone or forgery for under $800 – a gun that can take a serious beating in any conditions and retain accuracy – and it’ll absolutely provide you with that same militaristic level of ruggedness and reliability.

Bonus reasons!

Seriously, you thought there were only five reasons? Here are a few more, less substantial reasons why the AR-15 is the ultimate survival rifle in a long-term context:

  • Parts are plentiful. The AR-15 is the most commonly bought and owned rifle in the country. Just like ammo, you can them aplenty.

  • It’s endlessly configurable. Just about every single part can be tailored to you, the shooter. The result is a weapon that feels like a true extension of yourself.

Author bio: William McAllister is a writer who enjoys the simple things in life; waking up in a tent deep in the woods, a black cup of coffee and a flip phone.

5 AR-15 Upgrades for Your Survival Rifle

The AR-15 platform is extremely popular for many reasons. One of these reasons is that it makes an excellent survival rifle. It is a great choice for a survival rifle due to the fact that it is relatively small and light, easy to pack and carry, and is deadly enough for hunting and protection. Wondering how to make your AR-15 an even better survival rifle?

There are a few upgrades and accessories that you should consider for your weapon. In a survival situation, all of these could be important, and could in turn, save your life.

1. Optics.. But Don’t Forget the Basics

In the eyes of many, an optic or sight is the most important upgrade you can make to an AR-15. Check out the guide on adding optics to an AR-15 here, but in this article, we will give you the down and dirty for a survival rifle.

A quality sight is a great thing. It can make you a more accurate shot, and can also increase the effective range of your weapon. Both of these are excellent features for a survival rifle. However, we do have a few recommendations.

The vast majority of modern optics use some form of battery-powered red dot. While many of these guarantee the battery will last for tens of thousands of hours, you have to think about the fact that you may not have consistent access to batteries in a survival situation. Many of these are great sights, but it is just something to keep in mind. For this reason, we would recommend checking out the Trijicon ACOG line of sights. They do not require a battery, and are military-grade durable.

The importance of co-witnessing sights is not to be understated, but we really can’t underestimate how important it is to have backup iron sights for a survival rifle.

But, do you want the sights to be fixed or folding? Check out this article for some further thoughts on the, seemingly endless, fixed versus folding sights debate.

Regardless of if you choose fixed or folding sights, in the event that your optic fails you, it is going to be very important to have your backup sights. If you have a full length rail system, a standard pair Magpul folding sights are tested, tried and true.

2. Durable Sling

It may seem obvious, but a durable sling is going to be extremely important for you in a survival situation. Whether you are out hunting for food or just travelling and protecting your family, a sling can make all the difference. A quality sling will obviously make it easier to carry your weapon, but it can also make it faster to draw and improve your accuracy a little too. For a survival sling, check out anything that has metal buckles and nylon webbing.

3. Quality Mags

Another seemingly obvious upgrade. In a survival situation, durable magazines that will reliable feed rounds into the chamber for potentially years to come is going to very important. Since magazines can go bad over time, we recommend having as many as possible. Once again, MagPul reigns supreme – Magpul PMAGs are a strongly suggested magazine for a survival rifle..

4. Foregrip

Before getting into this one, we are going to assume that your rifle has some type of handguard rail system. Whether that be the classic military picatinny rail system, or the lighter and improved M-Lok or Keymod systems, a handguard that allows you to attach accessories is very important to have.

As far as upgrades that should be attached to your handguard system, one of the first things to think about is a foregrip of some type, like a simple angled foregrip.

Similar to a sight, this foregrip can help increase your accuracy and range. In a survival situation, this attachment could be crucial.

5. Flashlight

Another handguard attachment that we would recommend is a durable flashlight. This could serve many purposes. In a self defense or home defense situation, this could temporarily blind a threat, and give you some extra time to protect your family. In low light situations, another flashlight never hurts. If you’re hunting, this could help you track your prey. Whatever the situation may be, a flashlight is certainly not going to hurt. While this wouldn’t be the first upgrade to our survival rifle, it is an important one.

Author bio: William McAllister is a writer who enjoys the simple things in life; waking up in a tent deep in the woods, a black cup of coffee and a flip phone.

Be Prepared for the Unthinkable with These Simple AR 15 Upgrades

Ask any lover the 2nd Amendment and they will tell you a million reasons why it is wise to own a gun, in particular the beloved AR15. Whether it’s a bear that thinks you look particularly delicious this morning on your daily hike or some foreign madman decides to pull off his own Red Dawn style invasion of America, there is a reason. However, it’s truly for all reasons gun lovers can’t think of that one truly should own an AR 15. No one knows what tomorrow might bring and what new dangers come with it.

The AR 15 is a versatile platform that can be adapted a variety of upgrades to complete a variety of tasks. In the end, it’s about decided what you want to accomplish with your weapon and choosing the right tools to put you in a position to succeed. So without further ado, let’s jump right in and find out the AR 15 upgrades that will offer you a max level of preparedness for what may come. You won’t need a huge budget to pull this off, but you will need a certain appreciation for the basics.

AR15 Accuracy for Every Scenario

Talk to any salty Jarhead who enlisted prior to the Global Wars on Terrorism and you’ll find a Marine who maligns the modern military reliance on optics for shooting. Certainly a good optic is worth its weight in gold and there is a reason after 16 years of war the modern Marine Corps has made them universal. However, Marines of older generations will remember sighting in on a silhouette target at 500 yards with nothing more than iron sights. Give them long enough and they’ll start telling you about all-leather boots and their ALICE pack too. Yet, the future is here whether a salty Marine likes it or not.

What optics offer in utility, iron sights offer in rugged durability. In an unforeseen scenario, the iron sights ability to operate without battery power and to take a hit or fall with no damage is hard to beat. However, since optics have pretty much become a given these days it’s best to have a quality pair of flip up iron sights. Drop them when you don’t need them, but be thankful they are there for the scenario when you do. Optics lovers will tell you all the reasons their optics couldn’t fail, but for the one’s they can’t imagine we recommend a quality set of iron sights on every AR 15 for ultimate preparedness.

AR 15 Slings, Grips and that Personal Touch

The next part to consider when you are trying to prepare for the unthinkable is whether or not you have an AR 15 that feels like a natural part of you. When a scenario turns from bad to worse it’s important to weapon to turn to that is comfortable and reliable. This is less about aesthetics and more about function. Consider your sling for example. There are a million different varieties of slings out there on the market and someone willing to swear behind everyone that it’s the best. We say there is no greater expert on a weapon than its owner. So what’s good and comfortable for you?

For your money, a simple single-point rifle sling hard to beat. However, there is more to consider. There are grips, stocks and more all that need to be personalized until you have found the build that works for you. If you are not absolutely in love with any variant part of your AR 15 then it is simply madness to endure it any longer in a world where every part is available to you.

How you can be prepared for the unthinkable? How can you be ready for the scenario that you couldn’t imagine? Simply by having a complete AR 15 platform that feels like an extension of your own body and will. Or for our unfortunate brothers in California, build the AR 15 platform that doesn’t make a state legislature scared at night. To do that, you should check out Keeping Your AR15 Legal in California.

So there you have it because this pew, pew, pew life we live doesn’t have to be complicated. In a world of endless parts and upgrades, how do you know you have the right AR 15 build? We suggest choosing quality parts above price tags and then leave the rest up to your patriotic imagination. Grab you a quality set of iron sights to please the old Jarheads then build an AR 15 that’s a natural part of you. Whatever wicked thing then that may come your way, you’ll have everything you need to stay center mass and alive.

Author bio: William McAllister is a writer who enjoys the simple things in life; waking up in a tent deep in the woods, a black cup of coffee and a flip phone.

Fortis Mfg Introduces the LICENSE Lower Receiver

Fortis Manufacturing is pleased to announce our new lower receiver – utilizing the aesthetics and features found commonly in our accessories – embodies all that is Fortis. At Fortis, our aim is to provide “Operator” needed strength with exceptional design and aesthetics at an affordable price. Fortis Manufacturing, Inc. (FMI), utilizes only the highest quality materials available and machining that is second to none. We intentionally waited to release our lower receiver. When the masses were releasing products that all looked similar, we were busy designing, testing, evaluating and then repeating the process until we got it just right. Truth, liberty, & justice for all isn’t just our Pledge of Allegiance, but it’s our LICENSE and civic duty to uphold all that’s great about our country. The freedom to do so and the license of liberty. Introducing the Fortis License™ Lower Receiver. Made from 7075 T6 billet aluminum. We offer the things that you need and eliminated the fluff that you don’t. The License™ is the base and foundation for any great build so give us a try, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

One Piece Billet Design
Will be offered in both 6061/7075 as well as standard and ambi
Flared magwell with serrations for added grip
Military Specification Type III Hard Coat Anodized
Raised embossed logo on one side, raised F’N shield on the other
Markings for 45° safety lever
Oversized trigger guard
Receiver tension screw
Made in the USA!

View now on https://fortismfg.com/license-7075-standard

**Offered stand alone or as a Matched Set with our new redesigned upper receiver

**Photos are just renditions as we’ve already made some changes to the design. Will release March/April 2018, but will be offering an introductory price for the first batch. Click on the button to be notified.

Springfield Saint AR Pistol

With the new SAINT™ AR-15 pistol, Springfield Armory brings the same impact of its SAINT platform to a whole new category. The SAINT Pistol is highly capable and upgraded out of the box but in stock-free pistol form.

Instead of a rifle buttstock, the new SAINT AR-15 pistol features a rugged SB Tactical SBX-K forearm brace to reduce size, stabilize recoil, and enhance accuracy in one or two-hand shooting. A 7.5-inch barrel with a 1:7 twist makes the SAINT pistol small, fast, and ideal for CQB. The 416R stainless steel barrel is Melonite® treated to be harder and more accurate than chrome, and is chambered for 5.56 NATO (.223) so ammunition is affordable, versatile, and seriously capable.

The SAINT AR-15 pistol is built around high-end features that make SAINT rifles so popular. Springfield Armory’s exclusive Accu-Tite™ tension system increases the tension between the upper and the lower receivers, ensuring an ideal fit and reducing slop – no shake or rattle. Upper and lower receivers are forged Type III hard-coat anodized 7075 T6 aluminum.

The SAINT pistol’s muzzle is equipped with a blast diverter that pushes sound, concussion and debris forward towards the target — instead of at the operator or fellow shooters — ensuring a more comfortable shooting experience.

The slender, agile handguard is Springfield Armory’s exclusive, patent-pending free float design, with locking tabs and features a forward hand stop. The rifle’s crisp, enhanced nickel boron-coated GI single-stage trigger is paired with a Bravo Company trigger guard. The smooth-operating heavy tungsten buffer system, low-profile pinned gas block, GI style charging handle, and Bravo Company Mod 3 pistol grip are all well-proven in SAINT rifle models. Springfield Armory is known for no-compromise design and, as usual, the attention to detail is obvious.

To ensure durability, the M16 bolt carrier group is precision-machined from Carpenter 158 steel, shot peened and magnetic particle inspected and finished in super-hard Melonite®. For ample shooting capacity, the SAINT pistol carries a Magpul Gen 3, 30-round magazine.

The compact frame makes the SAINT AR-15 pistol an ideal choice for home defense. In addition to high-quality engineering, the SAINT AR-15 pistol is just 26.5 inches long, and weighs under 6 pounds. This pistol delivers the punch of a rifle caliber in a small, fast-handling frame. It’s highly accurate and it’s seriously fun to shoot.

SAINT™ AR-15 Pistol – 5.56

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