What Stance Do You Use

There are two main types of stances used when shooting pistols or revolvers, Weaver and Modified Isosceles.
Weaver stance:

(from http://www.usconcealedcarry.com and dailycaller.com )
Was developed by Jack Weaver in 1959 and it provides a strong site picture and allows you to aim more accurately. It also gives anybody shooting at you a smaller target. But if a round hits you it has the potential to do more damage because it will go through your body length ways.
Modified Isosceles:

(from http://www.usacarry.com)
This stance has been around awhile but did not get popular till semi-auto pistols started gaining popularity with IPSC and the police forces started using body armor. This stance also allows for quicker transitions to other targets
I have always used the isosceles and modified isosceles stance because that is how I was taught (without even knowing the stance had a name).
What stance do you use and like?