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July Ammo Man Contest Winner

There were a total of 377 unique participants in the contest after I sorted alphabetically and removed duplicate email addresses.

Utilizing the random number generator at random.org provided me with a winner.

And the winner is...

And the winner is…

Kalib Baggett

Kalib Baggett

Looking at my spreadsheet revealed the winner to be Kalib Baggett. I’ve contacted Kalib, and if I do not hear from him in ten days I will draw another winner.

Thank you to all who participated in the July Ammo Man contest.

BREAKING: Judge Orders DOJ to Release Fast and Furious Documents Withheld From Congress Under Obama Executive Privilege Claim

Thanks to a Freedom of Information Act Lawsuit pursued against the Department of Justice by government watchdog Judicial Watch, the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia has ruled documents being withheld from Congress under President Obama’s claim of executive privilege must be turned over. Obama made the claim on the same day Attorney General Eric Holder was voted in criminal and civil contempt of Congress in June 2012.

“This order forces the Obama DOJ, for the first time, to provide a detailed listing of all documents that it has withheld from Congress and the American people for years about the deadly Fast and Furious gun running scandal,” Judicial Watch released in a statement.

The FOIA lawsuit has been ongoing for 16-months and is now proceeding after a lengthy delay. The Justice Department originally asked the court for an indefinite hold on a FOIA request from Judicial Watch, citing executive privilege and an ongoing investigation. That indefinite hold request was shot down more than a year ago.

The documentation DOJ is required to now turn over is a “Vaughn index” of “all requested Fast and Furious materials from a June 2012 Judicial Watch FOIA request.”

A Vaughn index must: (1) identify each document withheld; (2) state the statutory exemption claimed; and (3) explain how disclosure would damage the interests protected by the claimed exemption.” In ordering the DOJ to provide Judicial Watch the Vaughn index, the Court ruled, “In this circuit, when an agency is withholding documents under exemption claims, courts require that the agency provide a Vaughn index so that the FOIA requester – at a distinct informational disadvantage – may test the agency’s claims.”

Read the rest of the article: http://townhall.com/tipsheet/katiepavlich/2014/07/31/judge-orders-doj-to-release-documents-withheld-from-congress-under-obama-executive-privilege-claim-n1873165

The Story Behind Lehigh Defense Controlled Chaos

In 2011, Lehigh Defense was approached by a park management agency and asked to design a more environmentally-friendly high-terminal-performance bullet to assist in their animal culling efforts. While previous lead bullets had acceptable terminal performance, the agency wanted to evolve to a more ecologically sound solution.

The mission was challenging, but clear: Lehigh Defense was to create a lead-free “green” bullet that would enter and fell an animal, without exiting. In other words, we needed to design and perfect a new technology using a lead alternative that would travel straight, strike accurately, cause maximum internal damage, and leave no exit wound.

Noting the agency’s previous failed attempts to substitute with other manufacturer’s copper powder matrix bullets (due to lack of terminal performance), we immediately went to the shop and began evaluating new materials, prototyping unique designs, and testing various specifications and configurations. After considerable research and exhaustive range work, we emerged with the .243 Controlled Chaos bullet.

This revolutionary 2-piece lead-free bullet:
- broke at the nose,
- fractured into progressively larger particles at a predetermined depth,
- with the smaller pieces creating a massive initial wound cavity,
- and the larger particles penetrating deeper into other organs,
- distributing shot placement at or near the central nervous system, and
- delivering the terminal performance necessary to bring down larger game,
- all in an environmentally-friendly lead-free bullet.

In addition, through careful engineering, our .243 Controlled Chaos bullet fragments were all contained within their target, never exiting to become a pass-through threat that could endanger unintended nearby targets.

Needless to say, the agency was incredibly pleased with our efforts and the bullet continues to perform as requested to this day. But the story doesn’t end there…

Recognizing the incredible potential of this new technology for hunting applications, we returned to the shop and worked to create a Controlled Chaos bullet that would deliver the same terminal performance, but produce a small off-side hole to provide a blood trail for tracking (should one be needed).

The result of this second round of engineering and testing is the 1-piece Controlled Chaos bullet, which:
- impacts and fragments into lethal particles at a predetermined depth,
- creates a massive temporary cavity with multiple wounds,
- distributes shot placement at or near the central nervous system,
- conveys a base that continues to penetrate and ultimately exit the target once the nose fractures off, and
- delivers the terminal performance necessary to bring down larger game
- all in an environmentally-friendly lead-free bullet.

From a complex challenge to produce an environmentally-friendly, lead-free evolution to the development of the ultimate hunting bullet, Controlled Chaos has been a learning experience and a definite move forward for both Lehigh Defense and the firearms industry.

To learn more about our Controlled Chaos technology, or any of our high performance bullets and ammunition, visit LehighDefense.com.

To see the Controlled Chaos in action, check out this YouTube video:

Tatiana Whitlock on Personal Protection: Carrying in Different Outfits

In this week’s Tips & Tactics episode, Tatiana Whitlock advises how to practice carrying in different types of clothing so you don’t print (show your firearm), and so you’ll feel more confident. Tatiana is a Refuse to Be a Victim® and NRA-certified basic pistol instructor, trained range safety officer, Krav Maga student and self-defense expert.

Gun Retailers, Payday Lenders Out Of Choke Point’S Crosshairs

Gun retailers are no longer on a hit list deemed “high risk” by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. after the banking regulator formally withdrew Monday the list it put together that outlined what merchants may be considered risky for banks to do business with as part of the Obama administration’s “Operation Choke Point.”

The agency said its explanatory warning list “led to misunderstandings” about how it’s supervising banks’ ties to third-party payment providers, according to Bloomberg News. The regulator said it never meant to prevent banks from doing financial transactions with the types of businesses on the list.

“Those that are operating with the appropriate systems and controls will not be criticized for providing payment-processing services to businesses operating in compliance with applicable law,” the FDIC said in its updated industry guidelines, issued Monday.

Richard Osterman, the agency’s acting general counsel, admitted to the American Banker newspaper Monday that the list had been “misinterpreted” by financial institutions.

I call BS on the fact that the list may have been misinterpreted… I could be wrong, but that’s my feeling.

Read the rest of the article: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/jul/28/gun-retailers-payday-lenders-out-of-choke-points-c/