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LEAK: Remington RP Pistol

As seen on Rob Picncus’ Instagram feed.


Noted features from the image:

  • Tactile loaded chamber indicator
  • Drift adjustable sights
    User can adjust sights to pereference
  • “Fighting Surface” on rear sight
    For one-hand slide operation
  • PVD finish on slide and barrel
    For maximum durability
  • Standard picatinny rail
    For aftermarket accessories
  • Smooth, light & crisp single-action trigger
    Consistent and smooth, with short reset
  • Reversible magazine release
  • Trigger guard undercut
    Allows higher hand hold for increased control
  • Ergonomic polymer frame
    Fits 95% of all shooters
  • Easy loading double stack magazines
    Industry’s highest magazine capacity per caliber
  • Optimized grip angle
    Reduces felt recoil and increases shootability
  • Ambidextrous slide lock

7 Things He Wish He Knew Before He Concealed Carry

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Are you freaking out about riots springing up and want to have a fighting chance to defend yourself?

Or are you traveling for work and want to protect yourself no matter where you are?

For me, I like to camp and backpack. Some of the areas I camp are prone to bears and other big things that might try to eat me.

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