Wrong Trigger Press?

At the beginning of my Handgun Vitals program, I start with diagnostic drills to see what skills the students brought to class. On average, about 95% of shots fired strike below the aiming area in every class. After talking through each student’s target with the entire class together, I ask why.

I hear answers that sound like they come straight off of those useless shot group analysis targets. Answers such as, bucking, flinching, heeling and other meaningless unhelpful words and phrases. The most common answer is that the shooter is anticipating recoil. Anticipating recoil would be correct except the problem isn’t anticipation of recoil. The problem is an improper trigger press – the symptom is anticipation of recoil.

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One thought on “Wrong Trigger Press?

  1. It could be fixed sights not regulated for the distance involved . SIG has an EXCELLENT explanation of hits being low compared to point of aim at less than , say, 20-25 yards. “Low” hits should be anticipated in a beginner who does not yet make nearly automatic corrections for distance in their point of aim. Yeah, they could also be “pulling “, “pushing” and “yanking”, or doing combinations, which is why, boring as it seems, start with dry firing, and then a “rest” period, then more dry fire to reinforce the concept of sight alignment during trigger press. Then, if practical, do a one shot drill using .22 rimfire. Repeat. Repeat. Eventually, mastery may occur. Then, progress to two shot drills. And so on. We ARE talking beginners here, right? I’m not an instructor , but I had one, many years after I’d been a raw beginner.

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