How to Choose a Best Tactical Fixed Blade Knife

What is Your Purpose with Your Fixed Blade Knife?

As with the fixed blade knife, you need to consider what you will be using your knife for. A best fixed blade knife can be used for many purposes, not just out in the wilderness. They make excellent prying tools and can break glass for instance. They do make fantastic tools out in the wild, and will help you for everything from dressing game to fire making. They are even make-shift screwdrivers!

Considering the Overall Length of the Tactical Fixed Blade Knife

The length of your blade must also be carefully thought of. If it is too big, it cannot dress smaller game or perform other precision oriented tasks. If it is too small, you can’t use it for larger tasks such as chopping pieces of wood. The recommended ideal length is nine to eleven inches long for best use.

Selecting the Blade Shape

There are many choices when it comes to blades. The drop-point is a multi-purpose shape. Serrated blades stay sharper longer, and are faster at cutting many things, including manmade materials. The gut hook is used for field dressing so that you can cut open the stomach of an animal. The tanto has exceptional strength when it comes to piercing tough materials. The chisel tip is prized for search and rescue missions because it is a great prying tool. Finally, the clip point uses the greatest amount of control in cutting as well as piercing.

Serrated or Non-Serrated Blade

As mentioned before, serrated blades are excellent for cutting quickly through tough materials, and much can be said for their usefulness. On the other hand, non-serrated blades can prove to be just as useful. Self-defense would be one good instance, whether it is from animal or man. Not to mention that a non-serrated blade cuts more cleanly.

Selecting the Blade Core Material

The main choices for blade core materials are high carbon steel and stainless steel. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. High carbon steel is one of the hardest elements you can find, so it is great for the edge retention of your blade. However, it does not have any resistance to rust. Stainless steel prevents rust and corrosion, but is much softer than its high carbon counterpart. It also helps to preserve flavor, with no hint of a metallic taste.

Sharp Pointed Tip Blades

These blades are great for self defense, and can be used as a hunting weapon, especially if mounted on a spear. It is also very handy for more common tasks, such as dressing fish or other small game, opening wild nuts or other edibles, gaining access to live bait in hard to reach areas, and many more. This is a great multi-functional tool that will help you in more than just drilling or notching.

Single Edge Blade with a Flat Ground Spine

Having a double edged blade can be more of a hindrance than a help. A ninety degree grind is preferred for a flat ground spine, and is excellent for striking ferro-rods. You couldn’t do this if you had a rounded or a beveled spine. There is a thumb rest for carving projects. It is also ideal for making shelters or splitting firewood.

Considering the Best Tactical Fixed Blade Handle

The tang is an important component of the handle, and is the part that is either covered in paracord or the knife’s handle. There are three different types. The full tang is the strongest of all the options, and is made out of a complete piece of metal. It is an excellent choice for a heavy duty fixed blade knife. The partial tang only has the metal going partway down the handle, and is the signature of a cheap knife. It is generally to be avoided. The final choice is the hollow handle. It is a weaker knife than a full tang, but you can store your gear inside.

Sheath Material

There are three types of material that sheaths are generally made of. A lightweight plastic that is so sturdy that it is nearly indestructible is called Kylex. Then there is nylon, which is also lightweight, durable and very inexpensive. Finally there is the classic leather. It is very tough, but not nearly as lightweight.

Reputed Knife Manufacturing Company

This is one of the easiest and major key tricks to find a best-fixed blade knife. Try to find a reputed knife manufacturing company who has decades of knife producing experience. Let me give you some popular brand name – Gerber, Ka-Bar, SOG, Cold Steel, Columbia River, Benchmade, Buck Knives.

Bottom Line

A tactical fixed blade knife (also known as a survival knife) is a critical tool when used properly. It will aid you in the wild, in emergencies and in self-defense. Make sure you research all the aspects before choosing the one that is right for you. If you do, it will serve you well for a long time to come.

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