Understanding the Different Types of Holsters

A holster may well be the most important accessory one buys for a firearm outside of a cleaning kit, so it’s beneficial to know the types of holsters that are available. Each serves a different purpose and has benefits with some restrictions. The purpose of the concealed gun holster is to conceal your firearm, fix it at a position, cover the trigger guard and prevent an accidental discharge.

Additionally, holsters also protect your gun’s finish, keep your gun secure and provide a stable platform for easy carrying.

A holster serves purposes like:
• It must secure your gun, ensuring it stays in your possession.
• It must protect the trigger, minimize the chance of unintentional trigger contact from hands or withdrawn objects.
• It must position your gun in a regular position and safe placement so you can draw the gun effectively whenever needed.

There are several kinds of holsters designed that can be worn in some ways considering a person’s requirement and personal choice. Here are few common type of holsters.

Shoulder Holster:
Shoulder holsters are the most common and important type of holster for carrying your weapon securely, tactfully and comfortably while having quick access when needed. They are good because they do most of the things in certain parameters with a special type of harness designed to carry one or more firearms.

Ankle Holster:
An ankle holster is very useful if you have to pull your firearm when you’re in a seated position. With regular practice, you can be quite unnoticeable when drawing from an ankle holster. Ankle holsters won’t work with just any pair of pants and for which you need to your pants/trousers a bit longer than your usual wear. Wearing shorter trousers will let everyone see that you have a gun strapped to your ankle.

Belt Holster:
You cannot use an ordinary belt for a concealed carry, must have a good quality belt. The primary point of failure for the newbies in carrying a holster usually happens to be the belt. Assuming to wear the same ordinary belt that is worn on day to day basis is not the one to be worn while carrying a concealed weapon.
For carrying a concealed firearm, one must use a properly fastened and retentive belt that is not too loose, thin, or unable to flex while drawing your firearm. Inappropriate belt will let your gun scream “I am here”, either making your firearm visible or displaces with your movements.
​Tip: Use gun belts that are made up of nylon as they help you in competitive shooting.

Pocket Holster:
A pocket concealer is an important tactical item that people use for carrying their guns easily. These holsters are used in situations where a larger gun is inconvenient to carry. Using pocket holster is extremely convenient to carry for safety purposes.

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