Finding Natural Point Of Aim

If there was a way to let your body do more of the work of getting and staying on target, wouldn’t you want to take advantage of that? Of course, you would! It’s not so much about doing more of the work as it is about getting, and more importantly, staying on target. The bottom line is this. If you can allow your body to “naturally” assume more responsibility, then you can shoot more accurately and more consistently. Having to force your body, arms, and hands to make accurate hits leads to fatigue and therefore inconsistency.

That’s where natural point of aim comes into play. When shooting rifles, handguns, or shotguns, using “natural point of aim” simply means assuming the stance and position where your body naturally wants to point the gun. Perhaps the easiest way to illustrate natural point of aim is to look at unnatural point of aim.

Unnatural point of aim refers to any position where you have to “force” or “muscle” the sights of the gun onto the target. The most extreme example of unnatural point of aim would be standing with your back facing the intended target. Think about all the effort it would take to get your sights on target. Less dramatic examples include assuming any shooting position that requires you to move your arms, shoulders, waist, or hands to “force” the gun into alignment with the target.

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