CMP 1911 Pricing

The buzz surrounding the World War II-era 1911s destined to be released to the public through the Civilian Marksmanship Program is amazing.

CMP is ready to sell thousands of surplus pistols, assuming President Trump signs the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which Congress recently passed.

It’s one of the hottest events the gun community has ever seen.

CMP is feeling the heat too.

Steve Cooper is the general manager of CMP North as well as their marketing manager.

He said 1911-hungry collectors need to “pump the brakes” a bit.

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One thought on “CMP 1911 Pricing

  1. At $800 to $1000 each, I doubt they’ll be selling very many of them. I can pay half that much and get a better gun that is still true to the original model without all the wear and abuse, not to mention getting screwed by the CMP.

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