10 Great Hunting Tips

Hunting is a combination of spending some time in nature, hanging out with some friends, but at the same time preparing a strategy and having the proper equipment for reaching the goal – and that is to hunt the animal.

Nowadays, hunting is considered as a sport, as an outdoor activity, or as a hobby for many people and as a way of recreation. But this was not the case in the past. In the past, people were forced to go hunting in order to provide food for the family. They hunted some animals and prepared the meat in several ways because the meat and some vegetables and fruit were the only sources of food.

Hunting enthusiasts group and do some organized hunting. They develop some strategies and everyone follows the strategy in order to reach the goal. Despite the strategy, it is very important for a hunter to have the proper equipment including a very good gun or hunting. A gun is really important when it comes to hunting. More hunters decide for a rifle that is specially designed for hunting. Despite the guns, the hunters need other equipment such as a flashlight, some food, a lighter, some woods, and many more things. In order to be a great hunter, you can follow these 10 tips that will help you with that.

• Tip number one – Do not move very fast – If you move too fast, there is a greater chance that you will scare the animal and it would run away. When hunting, you need to be invisible for the environment. That means that there are times when you need to stand still and sometimes you need to move very slowly.

• Tip number two – Activate your senses – When you are in the woods hunting animals, you need to stay focused and avoid being distracted by your thoughts or your fears. You need to be careful of every movement you make and watch out of every sound and noise you hear.

• Tip number three – Stop at the noise – This tip refers to the noise you make when walking and also to the noise made by some animal that might be near you. You need to be as quiet as possible and also you need to focus on the noise of your surroundings. When you hear a noise stop immediately. Try to focus on the noise, where does it come from or to a spot where the animal is and so on.

• Tip number three – Solo strategy – Purposely walk into an area with the wind at your back. The idea is to stir deer up and get them moving. Once you’ve passed through, make a circle and do it again. You might see confused deer creeping about, unsure of your location. If this doesn’t work, take a position on the flank of the area you walked through and wait an hour or two. You might see deer sneaking back in, believing the danger has passed.

• Tip number four – Make sure you do not get lost – Pick an object that will serve for orientation. You can choose several objects for orientations because sometimes we focus more on hunting than on the orientation, so despite the compass, you may choose also one more or several objects for orientation.

• Tip number five – Explore your destination – Explore the place where you will be hunting so that you can anticipate where the animals usually move and where they can be spotted.

• Tip number six – Follow the signs – When you are hunting, you need to find some signs such as blood stains, footprints of animals and so on so that you can move into that direction and hopefully find the animal.

• Tip number seven – “The instant drop” – When you shoot the animal, it may drop immediately, but it does not mean it is dead. Some animals drop from shook and after a minute they recover and run. So do not approach the animal immediately after shooting.

• Tip number eight – Look up for blood – Wounded animal tries to escape, but they can be found because of the blood. Look for blood everywhere on the ground, the leaves, the trees, etc.

• Tip number nine – Make sure you wear proper clothes, so that you are warm all the time. Take a sleeping bag with you if you want to spend the night there and make sure you have enough food and water. A bag with basic survival items would be very helpful.

• Tip number ten – Never give up – Hunting takes a lot of time, will, patience and energy in order to succeed. So, do not give up on your first try!

Anthony Maldonado has over Thirty (30) years of experience in the field of hunting, sports and self-defense related fields. Now he keeps on doing it through teaching others about how to prepare and DIY. He is an expert in the area of DIY. He is presently working at his tenbesttipzz.com