The Five Gun Cleaning Tools You Need

After a long day of hunting, there is still much to do! Besides cleaning your game and having it butchered for some quality venison, you will also need to clean your equipment, namely your gun. Cleaning and maintaining your weapons is an important task to do, because if you aren’t able to clean it properly or use the right tools, then you will be using a weapon that won’t perform well or end up damaged. And you wouldn’t want to spend the time or money replacing it!

To help you out, I show you the five essential tools you will need to clean your guns properly to have it last for a long time.

The Five Gun Cleaning Tools You Need

I made a gun cleaning kit and no matter where I am or win I clean my gun, I always make sure to have these five essential tools with me:

Gun Grease

Gun grease is an absolute essential when cleaning the gun, as your weapon needs to be lubricated to avoid any clogging or having the parts move in opposition. It will help your gun perform better, because when in use, the parts of your weapon will work smoothly and without chances of it rusting. I also use solvent or lubricant, if I am out of gun grease.

Cleaning Rod

You won’t be able to brush the gun grease to your weapon without a cleaning rod to hit the hard-to-reach spots. This is another essential for cleaning your gun’s barrel. They should also come with a jag and loops, which holds the cleaning patch when attached to the rod.

Cleaning Brush

This works for the gun’s barrel as well, wiping any extra grease or dirt buildup found in the area. Opt for bronze brushes, as they last longer. Also, remember to replace these once they have worn out!

Gun Cleaning Pad

This pad is essential when in the workspace, as you will want to make sure that there is no solvent or grease. It can also be used as a soft surface for your parts, which can get lost from the surface!

Cleaning Cradle

If you are handling heavy guns or rifles, then you may want to have a cleaning cradle to hold the weapon in place as you scrub or brush. It will make the job of cleaning easier, without you worrying about it slipping while you handle it, which causes either damage or accidents.

In Conclusion

With these five tools to clean your gun efficiently, you won’t only enjoy a spotless and polished weapon, but something built to last for years to come. I hope this article taught you about gun maintenance and the told you to need. So don’t wait any longer and invest in the right gun cleaning kit to keep your weapons clean and in excellent condition for hunting .

If you have any questions or would like to share your tips on cleaning weapons, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.