Guns/Ammo Seizure In Virgin Islands Prior To Hurricane Irma

U.S. Virgin Islands Gov. Kenneth Mapp signed an emergency order allowing the seizure of private guns, ammunition, explosives and property the National Guard may need to respond to Hurricane Irma.

Mapp signed the order Monday in preparation for Hurricane Irma. The order allows the Adjutant General of the Virgin Islands to seize private property they believe necessary to protect the islands, subject to approval by the territory’s Justice Department.

Mapp issued an emergency declaration Tuesday and mobilized National Guard units to prepare for the massive storm.

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One thought on “Guns/Ammo Seizure In Virgin Islands Prior To Hurricane Irma

  1. Why does the national guard need more guns and ammo? They should have there own supplies. It sounds like the government being opportunistic in an effort to confiscate legal firearms.

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