Biometric Technology: The Modern Way to Secure Your Firearms

If you have firearms at home then keeping them safe is sure to be one of your top priorities. The last thing that you want is for a youngster or an intruder to get hold of a gun without your consent, as this can end in disaster.

There are many different types of gun safe that can be used to stop your firearms from ending up in the wrong hands. Some use old-fashioned locks with keys and others have more a modern type of lock, such as those that use biometric technology.

How It Works

Biometric access means that you use a unique psychical feature to verify who you are. This can mean carrying out a retina scan or using facial recognition software but with biometric safes it is typically a fingerprint scan that is carried out.

As the owner of the safe you simply have to program it with your fingerprints when you first get it. Then, to open it each time you just need to scan your fingerprints again.

This means that there is no chance of anyone gaining unauthorized access, as no two people have the same fingerprints.

Easy to Use at Any Time of Day or Night

A crucial factor with gun safes is that they need to be easy to open in moments of extreme stress. If you hear a noise in the middle of the night then the last thing that you want is to have to fumble about in the dark with keys or punch in awkward codes.

With a biometric safe, opening it is as simple as putting your finger on the scanner, meaning that you can do it quickly and safely even in the dark. This means that you will be armed and ready to defend your family in a matter of seconds.

If you like to keep your guns next to your bed then you can go to sleep peacefully, knowing that you can reach out for your firearms whenever you need to. In a matter of seconds you can be armed and ready to defend your family.

No Keys to Keep Safe

One of the biggest weaknesses of many safes is that they are operated by a key. Therefore, if the key is lost or stolen then the safe can be easily opened by whoever has it. This also means that you can’t open it if you don’t have the key or if it gets damaged.

This means that you need to find a hiding place for the key, with the risk that you forget where it is or that someone else discovers it. You might have the toughest safe in the world but if an intruder or a child has the key then they will have incredibly easy access to your guns.

With a biometric safe you will only have a spare set of keys that you can use in the event of problems with your fingerprint scan. You can store those safely out of harm’s way and might never have to even use them.

Different People Can Use It

It is easy to think that only one person can open any particular gun safe. Yet, a good biometric safe can be used by numerous people, each opening it with their own fingerprint scan when they need to.

The best safes let you store a number of different scans, so that various people can use it when necessary. This means that there is no hassle and need to worry about sharing a key, getting copies of the key or making sure that everyone has the up to date access code.

A good tip is that you can store prints for each of your fingers so that you can open it without any problems at any time. Some people even scan the same finger various times but slightly differently each time, so that they are sure that the scanner will recognize them when they are in a rush.

Affordable and Reliable

You might think that this kind of cutting edge technology is going to be extremely expensive. Yet, the truth is that biometric gun safes are actually very good value these days.

If you think about how this object could protect your family, it is sure to be something that you look back on in the future as being a good investment. There is no longer any need to take chances when it comes to keeping your family safe at home.


Looking after the safety of your loved ones becomes a lot easier when you choose to store your guns in a biometric safe, the only concern is finding the best gun safe for your needs. Hopefully you never have to open it in an emergency but if you do then you will know that you can get to your firearms quickly and with no fuss at all.

This article was written by Tom Ginevra – a gun enthusiast, safety expert and blogger. With over 10 years of firearm experience, Tom has been inspired to educate and spread the word of gun safety.