Sig Sauer P320 Fails Drop Test

Video description:
In the last week, Omaha Outdoors decided to test internet rumors about the Sig P320 firing when dropped. Although the issues seemed to be settled, the results of our tests were in contradiction to the prevailing wisdom of the internet. We found that when dropped at a certain angle, the P320 would fire. This was repeatable among multiple P320s in multiple calibers even when they were dropped from as low as thigh height.

Please note: We did not use live rounds for this drop fire testing. In accordance with drop testing protocols from every known organization and our own common sense, we pulled bullets from factory ammunition, leaving us with primed cases which were safe to use for these purposes. Still, you shouldn’t try this at home, even with primed cases.

2 thoughts on “Sig Sauer P320 Fails Drop Test

  1. how do e know that a un modified factory pistol was used? As with ANY mechincal device, it can fail, but also it can be modified to induce such a faliue….

  2. Gregory T Morrow is an idiot who can’t spell. Probably works for Sig or the government.

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