Hogue Announces Their Fixed Magazine Solution: The Freedom Fighter

While I applaud their entrepreneurial spirit, I do not believe that the name choice was a good one. Calling something a ‘Freedom Fighter’ that effectively neuters your rifle seems like a misstep to me.

Hogue Incorporated is proud to announce the Freedom Fighter, their AR-15 fixed magazine solution. “Many shooters are now required to convert their AR to a fixed magazine,” said Hogue owner Patrick Hogue. “When installed properly, the Freedom Fighter blocks the magazine release until the rear pin is removed and the upper receiver is lifted upward and away from the lower receiver.”

The Freedom Fighter contains a drill jig, drill bits, bushings, springs, pins and the set screws necessary for three installations. To ensure proper operation, a qualified gunsmith is recommended for installation as modification to the firearm is required. When the jig is inserted into the mag well a hole is drilled into the lower receiver creating a tunnel to accommodate the Freedom Fighter plunger pin and spring. The pin is retained with a set screw. Once the rifle is reassembled with the Freedom Fighter installed, the pin will not allow the mag catch to operate unless the upper receiver is swung open putting the firearm in a “disassembled” configuration.

The patent-pending Hogue Freedom Fighter will keep your firearm looking completely original after conversion. Once installed, it is simple to return the firearm to detachable magazine capability. The Freedom Fighter has an MSRP of $49.95 with a refill kit for three additional installations available for $29.95. The installation video is viewable at http://www.hogueinccom.