Tyrant Designs MOD Nickel Foregrip

I have recently had the opportunity to test a piece of gear: the Tyrant Designs MOD Nickel Foregrip.

This piece of equipment is straight-forward, to the point, and simple. I don’t want this to sound like I’m downplaying or giving a slight, because I’m definitely not. It does one job, and does it well. Let’s be honest: do intelligent people complicate things, or simplify things? The fact that the Tyrant Designs MOD Nickel Foregrip is simple is a large compliment.

Specifications from the manufacturer:


  • M-LOK Keymod MOE rail systems


  • Durable (polymer straps and aluminum body, near indestructible)
  • Interchangeable with M-LOK and KeyMod
  • Comfortable (chamfered edges for a smooth feel)
  • Temperature variation resistent
  • Polymer strap
  • Laser engraved logo
  • Install kit included


  • Length- 5.5″
  • Width- .625″
  • Weight- 1.7 oz

Purchase includes

  • M-Lok and/or Keymod fasteners
  • 2 L-keys

Because I am no professional videographer, I defer to someone smarter and more seasoned in that field. I recommend watching the following to see the Tyrant Designs MOD Nickel Foregrip in action:

To sum things up, I recommend the Tyrant Designs MOD Nickel Foregrip. Pick up one for your AR at https://www.tyrantcnc.com/collections/mod-ar-15-foregrip/products/mod-foregrip-nickel

Ratings (1 – 5 star)
Ease of use: *****
Value: *****
Durability: *****