Bigfoot Gun Belts’ New Video Highlights the Missing Link for Concealed Carriers

Bigfoot Gun Belts’ new video emphasizes the importance of a good gun belt when carrying a heavy firearm.

The YouTube video discusses the fact that, without a proper gun belt, the waistline sags under the weight of a holstered handgun.

Bigfoot Gun Belts’ reinforces their gun belts with a flexible, stainless steel core. This, coupled with rich English Bridle Leather, results in a significant upgrade in support.

Bigfoot Gun Belts are designed to hold up the weight of a large holstered handgun, various work tools, and daily carry accessories without bending or giving in.

Every handcrafted gun belt is also built to hold up against the elements. Military grade stitching and nickel-plated hardware extends the life and durability of the gun belt.

The belts come in three thickness options including 14 oz leather, a 14 oz with steel core, and an 18 oz with steel core.

Bigfoot Gun Belts’ team member Sam Hoober is proud of the American-made gun belts showcased in the video.

“A gun belt is built to carry a gun better than a normal belt is able to,” Hoober said. “A person should use the right tool for the job, and the tool for carrying a gun and a holster is a gun belt.”

2 thoughts on “Bigfoot Gun Belts’ New Video Highlights the Missing Link for Concealed Carriers

  1. I like the belt. He rapid, no-eyes-on reholstering is stupid, though. There are many ways to inadvertently shoot yourself, but reholstering is the easiest & most idiotic.

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