2 thoughts on “Aiming Is Uesless

  1. Actually he is simply emphasizing one element of marksmanship over the others. Stance, grip, sight picture, and trigger pull are usually taught as the four elements of good marksmanship. He obviously believes trigger pull is the most important of these elements and he makes a very valid point because no matter how firm your stance is; how good your grip is; and how good your sight picture is, if you move the gun a lot when you pull the trigger the round will not go where you wanted it to go. Interestingly enough, he says the three important things necessary to shoot well include “point the gun at the target where you want to hit it.” In my world I simply call that “aiming.” I don’t have the passion this gentleman has for any one of the elements, but I do agree that trigger pull may be the most important. However, I like to think that employing all of the elements is actually the best recipe for consistently good shooting from a standing position.

    I think of how absurd it is for musicians to argue about which element of music is most important: beat, melody, or harmony. You can’t have good music without all three. Pizza needs crust, sauce, and the topping of your choice: regardless of which part is best to you, all are needed to have a real pizza.

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