Best Place To Keep Your Mount Gun Safe

Every gun owner who plans to keep a gun safe in their home should take all precautions and buy a gun safe to protect their weapon. Gun safes are used to keep firearms away from children and away from burglars. It can be tricky to find a good place in your home to keep your gun safe because the main objective is to keep it hidden but quickly accessible.

Most gun safes will provide you with predrilled holes for your gun safe to be bolted permanently into a fixture of your home. Mounting a gun safe provides protection from theft of your safe. Burglars see safes as treasure chest, they will try to steal them to open it on their own time. To make it difficult for your gun safe to be stolen, it should be properly mounted to the floor or wall of your home.

There are many different factors you should consider when choosing where to mount your gun safe. These include what room you should keep your safe to what kind of material you should mount your gun safe to. We will cover it all in this guide.

Keep your safe hidden.

Only you and those you trust should know about the location of your gun safe. When choosing where to store your weapon, you should find a location that can conceal your weapon from direct site. This means keeping it away from any windows that may give plain view to the safe.

If you have children in the house, a good rule of thumb is to keep dangerous household items 5 ft. or higher. This same goes for gun safes. If you children in the house, you should keep your gun safe high and hidden.

Keep it away from kitchens and fireplaces.

Most gun safes on the market will not protect your gun from a fire. Even the best gun safes which do provide fire protection will only protect your weapon to a certain temperature and for a limited amount of time. To reduce the risk of fire damage to your gun and safe, you should keep it out of the kitchen, any room with a fireplace or other fire hazards. Most house fires start from one of these rooms.

Keep away from humidity

Moisture is the main reason for rust on metals. Rust on your gun can cause it to stop functioning. To protect your gun from rusting inside the gun safe, make sure it’s placed somewhere with proper climate control. You can also consider buying a gun safe dehumidifier to absorb excess moisture in the gun safe.

Quick and easy access to the safe

When looking for a good place to hide your gun safe, you should consider someplace that you will have quick and easy access to. In case of any emergency, every second to get to your weapon will matter. It’s recommending to keep your weapon in the room you spend the most time. Most people will choose to mount their gun safe in their bedroom to keep their weapons close by at night.

Make sure the safe door can easily be opened without any obstacles blocking it. If you are tight with space, avoid cramming your gun safe in a hard to reach location.

Mounting your gun safe to a concrete slab

Mounting your gun safe to a concrete slab will be most effective. Some homes have concrete slab walls or floors. Basements and garages often have concreted slab floors as well. Once your gun safe is mounting to a concrete slab foundation, it’s very difficult to rip of.

When mounting your safe to a concrete slab, you should use a hammer drill. This will save you a lot of time and energy and provide secure mounting of the concrete anchors. If you don’t have one, ask a neighbor or rent one from your local hardware store.

Mounting your gun safe to a wood floor/wall

When mounting your gun safe to wooden floors, it’s important to drill into the actually floor joint and not just the plywood. Floors joists are the beams the run across the floor of your home. Plywood is attached to these beams to support the floor. A gun safe mounted to just the plywood can be easily pried off.

It’s important to make sure you do not have a gap between the floor/wall and the steel of the safe. Any gap between the gun safe and the wall/floor will allow space for a pry tool to detach the safe.

Best places in your home to hide your gun safe.


A lot of people choose to keep their gun safe under their bed or inside the bedroom closet. These are both great places if you will not block the entrance to the safe. If you keep your safe in your closet, it’s important to keep your closet clutter free for easy access to the safe.

Living room

Keeping your gun safe in the living room is not a bad idea if it’s hidden well. The living room is centrally located which makes it a central location for your weapon in case of an emergency.


Basements and garages with climate control are great places to hide your gun safe since they usually have concrete slab floors. You should avoid keeping your gun in the garage or basement if it does not have climate control, it’s likely an area with high humidity.

This article was written by Nate Perkins. He is a gun enthusiast and has a history in law enforcement. In his line of work, he has noticed the lack of attention to gun safety in homes. provides you everything you need to know about safely storing your firearms, and reviews/comparisons of the best gun safes.