IWB Vs OWB Holster – The Ultimate Comparison You Should Know

Buying a protective firearm is absolutely not a one-shot deal (pardon the pun). You are making probably the most adult decision you have made in your lifetime, specifically, taking your own responsibility for the essential safety of your friends and family. To make sure the ultimate safety you should have best concealed carry holster and for this, you should learn about Iwb vs owb holster. Today, I will discuss on this topic. Keep reading…

A firearm is not the talisman of the personal safety: You do purchase one and after that let it stay in the space of veneration in the house, therefore, it will in some way offer a coverage of safety to any or all who else live inside. A pistol needs to be easily available to be efficient, and which means getting this close to you both whenever you are outside and inside your house.

You will have to determine how you are going to hold your weapon. For starters, I suggest having a protective pistol on waistline, possibly in an IWB (Inside Waistband) or OWB (Outside Waistband) holster.

Here are a few of the reasons explaining why you should have them:

They Help Keep The Firearm Close To You All The Time:

I am not that great fan of having a firearm in a day planner or a handbag simply because doing this makes it simpler for a criminal to keep you aside from your gun, particularly when you will require this the most.

They Easily Work For Nearly All Types And Sizes Of Revolvers And Pistols:

There are OWB and IWB holsters available on the market for nearly every firearm under the sun rays, therefore you begin holding your firearm immediately and do not look forward to the custom-designed holster. Pocket holsters are very effective, and I take advantage of one whenever I am holding a smaller sized firearm; however, there is truly no chance to conceal a service pistol such as a Glock 17 in the pocket.

They Are Simple To Use:

It is an easy thing without a doubt to swipe your cover outfit away, reach down, get your pistol (using your finger off the trigger, obviously), and lengthen it in the direction of your target. Getting close to a purse and also fumbling with the zippers, after that pulling your gun out? Not too simple. What are the benefits or factors of an inside the waistband holster vs an outside the waistband holster?

IWB Holster

Factors To Purchase An IWB Holster:

It Is Going To Hide More Of The Firearm.

This can be a no-brainer. The firearm is mostly hidden into the pants; therefore less of this can be seen on the outside. At the same time, as it is in the shape of the pants, the natural curves of your body will help hide the fact that you are packing heat.

It Is Gonna Be More Balanced.

This is not too obvious. Again, an IWB holster offers 3 points of contact with the body: two on the belt and another one are where the holster actually presses up against the body.

Factors Not To Purchase An IWB Holster:

It Is More Difficult To Grip The Firearm.

Your firearm is considerably a lot nearer to the body in an IWB holster, so this means that it is about to have a bit more work to cover the thumb close to the grip of the pistol while you are drawing your firearm.

You May Need New Pants.

Again, a firearm is approximately an inch or even thicker, revolvers are a lot more; therefore I do not have to inform you that what including an inch to the waistline indicates to your wardrobe.


OWB Holster

Factors To Purchase An OWB Holster:

A Lesser Amount Of Change In Your Way Of Life:

Apart from the gun belt (and regardless of which option actually you are choosing, you require a superb gun belt), and then you are all set to roll.

It Is Simple To Grip The Firearm:

Your pistol is additionally out from the body whenever it is outside instead of inside your pants, and consequently, it is simpler for you to obtain a superior, strong grip on the gun just before you pull. This may not appear to be a lot; however, an excellent grip is important to both a fast draw and accuracy.

Factors Not To Purchase An OWB Holster:

There Are Two Points Of Contact On The Body Vs Three:

It means that the gun can easily move around on the waistband if you do not obtain the best gun belt to help you hold this in place.

It Is Further From The Body, And Thus, Harder To Hide:

It can be overcome by using a holster such as a pancake OWB version which hugs the body somewhat more compared to other OWB versions, therefore do the research to learn what will work best for you.


I hope this content has helped you to learn about Iwb vs owb holster to a great extent. Now you can get the best one which meets your needs. Please use the comment box bellow to share your thoughts. I will be happy to read them and will try to reply.

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