On body vs Off body carry – Which is Right For You?

Concealed handguns are your true companion, in terms of self-protection. By accepting yourself as a citizen of the 2nd amendment and with the permission of local authority you are allowed to carry a licensed gun along. There are only two ways which you can use in carrying. As an example on a body or off a body. Both ways have their own significants and allow their users to pick the option as per their flexibility.

But you need to ask a question to yourself? For which purpose you need to carry the gun? Are you planning to visit the place which tends to be unsafe? What are the chances of utilizing the gun? After considering all these questions, you would be able to find whether you need to carry a handgun on or off a body. But before we describe the difference between both methods. There are some other important factors which you need to consider at priority.

Training” is one of the factors which you should never ignore. How to carry a gun and use it in an appropriate manner are the small checkpoints which you should be aware of. Selecting a right weight of the gun is also an essential factor. This will allow you to carry a gun which matches accurately with your body weight. This will demolish any kind of distraction while carrying a handgun. Another important factor to consider is a selection of correct bullet for the gun. Most of the time people are not aware and pick the wrong bullet for their guns. And they end up with trouble at the time of using it.

Now, Check Some Essential Points For Carrying a Handgun on Body:

  • As per the studies, if you carry your gun in a right holster then it allows you to draw it faster. This happens only if the set up is in a right direction.

  • On the body, carrying save your time and gives better outcomes. At the time of the unwanted attack, within a matter of time, you can draw your gun and point it to the opponent to protect yourself.

  • In terms of speaking technically, people who use it, admire this method as the safest one. Because as per them bags can be snatched or get ripped off easily. Where on body carrying protect your gun in a safe manner. ( Note: Never tuck-in your handgun at back, because mostly attackers set their focus at your back. Because they know that is the most favorite spot for concealed carriers).

  • Carrying on the body gives you the flexibility to keep the handgun on a shoulder, around the arm or at your ankle. The choice is completely yours. Where else, on the other hand, drawing a gun from the concealed bag is a time consumption procedure.

Now, Check Some Essential Points For Carrying a Handgun Off Body:

  • Carrying a gun off body allows you to wear your favorite clothing. There is no such restriction on your clothing which can be seen while carrying a gun on a body.

  • The other good thing about carrying a gun off body is the size of the firearms. All the credit goes to the size and durability of concealed carry handbags. Because they are very spacious and allows you to carry a heavy and little bit big size of handguns as compared to the standard.

  • Women who love to wear long single dresses, especially for them it is not advisable to carry a handgun on body. With the access of the suitable concealed bag they can easily carry and can enjoy their party simultaneously.

  • Thinking of going on a long drive and still wants to carry your gun. Off body method will allow you to serve both purposes. As in the market, there are some holsters available which can be fixed in your car under the dash or close to the driving seat without disclosing its existence to others.


We have described the both on and off body methods. The selection you have to make, which one you are comfortable with. Never compromise with the safety and you can also take the advice of the experts. They will train you and can also guide you after training that which method suits your personality better.

Lisa Megan is an experienced gun writer and is currently associated with Freedom & Company, which is the largest online supplier of concealed carry handbags. Lisa loves to share her knowledge and ideas regarding self defense.

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  1. It’s interesting that most women will prefer off-body carry because of their style choices and access to a purse. It makes sense that this could be a great option for somebody like my wife who takes a lot of pride in what she wears. It’s something I’ll have to talk to her about to see if she’d rather have a permit for on or off body to make sure she feels safe and comfortable.

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