Triggersafe is a unique, innovative, patent pending device designed to safely and completely cover the trigger of AR-15 rifles made entirely in the United States. It was designed to help avoid negligent discharges, when we do not have positive control of the rifle that can occur during training, range time, dry handling, transportation or storage. Triggersafe is inexpensive, quick and easy to use by snapping on or off the trigger guard of AR-15 platforms in a second or less, providing security for the rifle professional. Triggersafe is in use by Indianapolis PD SWAT, Indiana State SWAT, other departments, trainers and citizens in 25 states around this great country.

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It appears to me that the Triggersafe is akin to a kydex pistol holster, effectively covering the trigger to prevent discharge of the firearm when not in use. Looks like this could be a great way to make your rifle safe when competing or in the field until ready to fire.