7 Must-Have Outdoor Survival Items For Everyone

Are you preparing for a trip or a hike? You always need to keep in mind the fact that sometimes you can get lost in the woods. These things happen, which is why it can be a good idea to create your own survival kit as fast as you can. It will offer you some impressive results and in the end you will be very impressed with the value here.

A tactical flashlight
Such a flashlight is the perfect item if you want to survive during night time. It can also help you if you want to reach safety during the night as well, so try to keep that in mind! Of course, this means you will need to acquire some extra batteries or at least a spare accumulator as it will help you a lot.

A good first-aid kit
You never know when you might need it. Usually, it’s a good idea to have some band aids, tape, sterile gauze and so on. You shouldn’t purchase a kit, instead try to figure out what items you might need and create your own DIY first aid kit. You will end up paying less and the value will be a lot better in the end.

A compass
You might not see this as something relevant, but with its help you can identify potential signs of life and you will also get some insight into where you should be headed.

A knife
You won’t survive in a forest without a good knife. Let’s face it, investing in a good knife should always be a priority and that’s exactly why you need to take your time and figure out which one is the best. You will certainly appreciate the use of a good knife, so try to find a suitable one as results can be amazing in the end.

Chords will be needed many times and you should consider that regardless of the situation. It might be a challenge to find the right chords, but the value will pay off immensely if you need to stay away from certain areas. Plus, it’s a solid tool for camping.

Water bottle
You can easily get dehydrated when you go in the wild. It will be very important to keep some water with you at all times. Try to get at least one water bottle with you, if not two!

Shelter building materials
Let’s face it, being stranded in the wilderness can be very challenging. This is why it can be a very good idea to take with you some high quality shelter building materials. These can offer you a great value and the experience will be an incredible one this way.

Of course, it can be hard to get all these tools with you while camping or hiking. Keep in mind that accidents can happen though, so even if they bring some extra weight, you will see that results can be worth it. So, try to use these products and the outcome can be an incredible one!

About author: FRANÇOIS DUMAINE, letsgoplayoutside.com editor-in-chief, traveler, adventurer, hiker.