Be Smart, Stay Safe: The Top Non-Lethal Self-Defense Weapons

With many real and perceived dangers threatening your safety, it’s on you to defend and protect yourself. Rule No. 1: be smart and be safe. However, this is easier said than done. So it’s also worthwhile to store some non-lethal tools in your back pocket to help you stave off danger; just keep in mind the effectiveness of these defense tools and the likelihood of you carrying them wherever you go. Here is an in-depth list of non-lethal self-defense weapons and techniques you should use to stay safe at all times.

Defense Sprays

Mace and pepper spray are two defense sprays you should use on your attacker. In particular, you should aim for his or her eyes and face so they are instantly affected. Mace is a tear gas that doesn’t have inflammatory properties but causes pain to the eyes. The attacker’s eyes will water, and his or her nose, mouth and throat will burn. Meantime, pepper spray causes inflammation on the skin and eyes, which leads to pain, burning sensation, respiratory restriction and temporary loss of vision.

Use the Defender 24/7 pepper spray that connects wirelessly to your smartphone. When you activate use of the pepper spray, the device will automatically snap a photo of the attacker and alert the authorities. Make sure you have a high-functioning, waterproof smartphone, like the Samsung Galaxy S7, so your device doesn’t become damaged when you use this technological, self-defense device.

Stun Devices

Find an easy-to-use stun device that has an effective but non-lethal voltage. Typical stun devices have a voltage of 150,000 volts or higher. Since the electrical charge is released in a small area of the body, it’s a non-lethal weapon. Your stun device can come in many forms: a stun gun, stun baton, cell phone stunner, flashlight stunner or lipstick stunner. The cell phone stunner looks almost unrecognizable, as it resembles a smartphone and can easily fit into a pocket or on a belt. This compact stunner can release as much as 4.5 million volts of power, without the assailant seeing it coming.

Small Weapons

A compact weapon, like a kubotan pocket stick, tactical pen or folding knife, can be carried with you and pulled out at a moment’s notice. These small weapons are inconspicuous and can help get you out of a risky situation. It’s important you understand how to effectively use these weapons in the event of an attack. Your best bet is to find an instructor who can show you how to use these weapons to disarm or stop your assailant from hurting you.


A flashlight is an inconspicuous weapon that can come in handy when you are in a dangerous situation. The tactical flashlight can shine bright light into the eyes of the attacker, causing temporary visual impairment. By blinding your attacker, you have a chance to run away and find safety. The flashlight also can be used as a blunt object, which can strike your assailant when they attack you. Keep this non-lethal weapon on your key chain, as it’s best you have it nearby. Plus, it’s one weapon you can take into nearly all public areas.

Martial Arts

Enroll in a martial arts classes to fine-tune your self-defense skills. These fun, self-defense-style classes take into account how you can best disarm or disengage your attacker. The training will help build your strength and determine how you can use martial arts to your advantage when you encounter an assailant. Martial arts will also provide you the means to react quickly when you’re attacked from behind or by surprise.