Reasons to Teach Your Kids Archery

If you’re a parent, placing a legit weapon in your child’s hands might not seem like such a good idea. But what if i told you that archery if taught properly, can have amazing benefits for your child? Not only is it infinitely cool, but it can also teach your kid so many values and life lessons.

Think about how concentrated one must be to make a successful archery shot. The amount of discipline and self-control needed is exceptional. A child would make thousands of bad shots before hitting the bullseye.

Think about all of the benefits of that: Your kid will learn to hold their emotions when they miss, and instead focus on the next shot, improving their overall mental toughness. If you really think about it, archery actually promotes safety, as a kid would learn what is dangerous, and how to responsibly use dangerous things.
These and several other reasons have been summarized by guys at A Straight Arrow in this infographic: