Key Items For Your Bow Hunting Experience

Are you planning on embarking on a hunting spree? Whether you are planning on doing it alone or with a friend, it’s not that important. What is important is that you get the right equipment for the job. Hunting won’t be successful or meaningful without the right tools. The challenge on what to carry during the hunting spree mostly dawns on you at the very end of your preparations, so it is easy to get lost in confusion. Here is a complete list of the things you ought not to leave behind;

1. The perfect bow for the job

You will have to carry with you a bow and some arrows, and not just a bow, but the perfect bow for the job. It is recommended to go for a compound bow as it is easy to use. It is particularly ideal for a beginner. It is also advisable to get a store-bought target since the rigs are quite fast in launching the arrows. This is where a range finder for bow hunting is applicable. It will enable you to command a better aim on your target.

2. The right hunting apparel

The best time to hunt is when the deer don’t see you coming. A nice camo gear is what you need to stay in the shadows. Most deer are always in open areas; hence, you do not want to startle them upon your arrival. Make sure you have the right rubber hunting boots, the right hunting jacket / vest or base layers to keep yourself warm.

3. A knife for dressing deer

After you successfully hunt down your deer, you will need to dress it. The knife needs to be sharp. Dressing a deer is not a difficult job but most amateurs will prefer to have a butcher do it for them. Dressing and packaging the deer on your own is not a difficult task, and by having the right tool for it, you will make it all easier.

4. Your hunter’s education license

Do not forget to carry your hunter’s license certificate. Most US states will require you undertake a hunter’s education course. It is through this program that you get issued with your hunter’s certificate.

5. Always remember to carry your first aid kit

Make sure the kit has all the necessary items to handle hunting injuries, cuts or abrasions. Hunting sometimes can end up in you getting hurt, so have your first aid kit around ways.

6. Get yourself a survival kit

It is always advisable to buy a survival kit that contains some waterproof matches, a compass, fire starter, rope, some extra batteries, water purifying tablets and emergency food supplies. Hunting can end up taking longer that you expected so prepare yourself beforehand.

7. A good supply of wet wipes

Remember hunting can get a bit messy. Carrying wet wipes can help you clean up if you end up with deer blood on your person. This mostly happens when the kill takes a long time to subdue or hunters choose to go for different types of prey in one session.

8. Carry a couple of air tight zipper bags

Most hunters will opt for strongly scented and alluring hunting items; these items can have a really strong smell. Deer have a nice sense of smell; they can easily detect you and run away. Keep these items in tightly sealed airbags.

9. A nice pair of hand warmers

Your hands can easily freeze and get numb. Once your hands go numb, wielding your bow might become an issue. Be sure to carry hand warmers to avoid this.