Hunting With Your Lady: A How-to Guide for Men

As an avid hunter and outdoorsman, it can be difficult when your girlfriend or wife isn’t interested in your hobby. Whether your lady doesn’t like being outdoors or is just a little hesitant to hunt, here is a men’s how-to guide for hunting with your significant other.

Never Pressure, Always Ask

It might be obvious, but start by asking your significant other to join you on a hunting trip. A genuine invitation is difficult to decline, but putting pressure on or forcing her will probably not end well. If you hear any hesitation, try to round up a larger group that includes both men and women to take the edge and intimidation out of the experience. Be candid with her and avoid manipulating her into doing something she’s not going to enjoy. Being kind and understanding during the invitation process will increase your chances of gaining a new hunting partner.

Offer a Hobby Swap

If a simple invitation doesn’t work, offer a hobby swap. Compromise is a crucial part of successful relationships, so if you’re significant other enjoys biking or painting, offer to join her if she accompanies you for a hunt. Spending time together introducing each other to your hobbies is time well spent, growing and learning as a couple. Make sure she understands how much the great outdoors and hunting means to you and show her how eager and excited you are to be introduced to her world.

Outfit Her with Her Own Gear

Most woman are keen on shopping and it’s a great way to gain your significant others’ interest. Offer to purchase her specialized and tailored gear instead of having her borrow yours. By offering to invest, you’ll show her how serious and excited you are about her joining you. She’ll feel more comfortable with hunting clothes that are made for women and a gun that fits her style. With Black Friday quickly approaching, take advantage of upcoming deals and find the perfect gear to motivate your significant other to join you on a hunt.

Don’t Condescend or Patronize

From the initial invitation to your time spent in the field, it’s crucial to treat your significant other fairly. You might be the experienced hunter, but avoid “mansplaining,” or talking in a condescending or patronizing manner. By being patient, understanding and sympathetic you’ll be more likely to convince her to give hunting a try and perhaps she’ll even enjoy it so much that she’ll want to join you on the regular.

Don’t Rush Her

If she’s not into the outdoors, ease her into nature by slowly spending more time outside. Start with a picnic or nature walk and build-up to a hike. Once you see her enjoying being outside, ease her into hunting in a pleasant environment on a day with good weather. If she doesn’t like to shoot a gun or see an animal killed, start by taking her on scouting trips. Expand her horizons with a little bit of target practice, allowing her to be comfortable with her gun and gear. Once she’s ready to hunt, pick an target, avoid hunting during cold or inclement weather and stick to day trips.