Reasons To Own A Gun Safe

If you live in a State that doesn’t require you to lock your firearm up at home it can be easy to not bother worrying about it. There is however still reason to consider storing your firearm in a dedicated secure weapon storage locker, or at least having one handy in case the situation arises where you need it. Below are just a few to get you thinking.

Protection from Thieves

Now while locking up your weapons obviously makes them harder for you to access if someone breaks into your home and you want to protect yourself, on the flip side they also protect your firearms from theft. So if you have any expensive firearms or just ones that hold sentimental value to you, maybe it was handed down to you, having a weapon safe will save you the money and hassle of having to replace a beloved firearm. Not to mention that it will save you the worry of your weapon falling into the wrong hands.

Protect other Valuables

Because of their size a gun safe is very versatile which means you can store many things in them, from important legal papers to money.

Protection from Fire

In the event of a fire a gun safe with a fire safety rating will keep your firearms, and other valuables safe, while everything else around it burns. Pretty handy right?

Child Access Prevention Laws

Twenty-seven States currently have child access prevention laws (1). Some of these States enforce these laws even if you don’t have a child yourself. Having a gun locker in these States is one of the most de-facto ways to make sure you are following the law.

Other Firearms Locking Device Laws

Eleven States additionally have laws pertaining to the locking of firearms in addition to the standard Federal laws (2). Check your local laws and determine what kind of safe or locking device you need.

Remember if you’re thinking of buying a weapon locker or safe, make sure to buy one that is versatile in terms of it’s ability to be moved, and to store many different types of firearms or weapon accessories.

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  1. I think it is important to consider the protection safes offer from fire or other hazards as well as from thieves. I agree that it is wise to store other things like private documents in the safe along with guns. It’s important to protect our identity and bank information where possible.

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