2 thoughts on “NRA’s Wayne LaPierre: Hillary Clinton “Will Come For Your Guns”

  1. No, she will not. Neither will she order anyone else to do so. The carnage would be truly horrible to behold.
    Instead, there will be new laws that will make the transfer of, at first, some guns, illegal. This will, after the public gets used to such illegality, be made to include all guns.
    This means that if you own guns and die, the state gets them.
    Eventually, only those guns left in firearm trusts will be left, and they will follow soon after, as expansion of membership in such trusts will be made illegal.
    No need to go door to door.

  2. Anything you can expect Hillary to do, you can fully count on Trump to do as well. They’ve been ideological kin for 30 years, Trump JUST changed his tune in 2015, so he could help his buddy Hillary get elected.

    Gary Johnson has said he’s eliminate the ATF and Repeal the Hughes Amendment, that anyone should be able to have whatever arms they want, and theres no question about that.

    There’s only ONE pro-gun candidate running. And That’s Gary Johnson.

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