Active Shooter Vortx 301

As we all are aware of current situation that active-shooter affairs are trending the most in the world. These affairs are unpredictable and developing rapidly. Mostly these incidents are materialized at locations in which the attackers find little hindrances in pressing their attack. These locations are generally reported as soft targets which have limited security measures to protect innocent public. These attackers do not hesitate killing as many civilians as possible, often to gain notoriety. Many of Law enforcement officers have been injured in active shooter incidents; fewer still have been killed due to lack protection resources.

Hard Shell has recognizes the severity of these threats which has raised towards the security of police, military & law enforcement officers and has taken this as a challenge. Hard Shell has come forward and confronted it by introducing the new Active Shooter carrier named VORTX-301.

Local and state law enforcement officers, military & tactical professionals, who’ve spent their whole carrier to train themselves to deal with violent situations and individuals, are always the first person on the scene who confronts to save other lives.

In that scenario, only the vest that is rated for handgun-round protection is not enough; they will need auxiliary protection. And to meet the demand of this, Hard Shell Active Shooter Vortx 301 plate carrier importance is fully perceived. This has the capacity to defeat the threat coupled with and hard armor rifle plates.

Hard Shell has devoted a great time and effort into developing this plate carrier which is mutually affordable to law enforcement agencies and individual officers. It’s design is fast donning optimized and also provides front and rear hard armor plate pockets which are capable of accepting 8”X10” or 10”X12” HAP’s and soft armor. It has Limited Molle Front and Rear Attachment Points for Mission Specific Pouches along with Fast-Entry Side Closure System. The outer cover is made of washable High Abrasion Resistant Nylon fabric and available in variety of colors at affordable price.

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