Should I Consider A Fanny Pack Holster?

A fanny pack holster can be an excellent alternative if you are tired of carrying an IWB and OWB and you’re looking for something new.

When it comes to concealed carry, there are many different types and styles of holsters. It all comes down to personal preference, so you may want to explore your options to find what type of holster is best for you. A good example is the fanny pack holster. An example for the fanny pack holster is that many runners who own fire arms have a terrible time trying to figure out how to carry their firearm while running and the fanny pack is the perfect solution!

When you think of fanny pack you probably think of grandparents and how they carry their stuff around in their fanny packs but not to worry! Fanny packs are great or any size, shape, and age. Fanny pack holsters have no limits – there are many different versions of fanny packs on the market.

A fanny pack holster can give a gun carrier the opportunity to carry their gun in a place that is easier on weight distribution than a belt holster. A downside about conventional IWB or OWB holsters is they attach to the belt and pull the pants downward.

For some, the advantages can outweigh the disadvantages. The controversy about using fanny packs for concealed carry has been ongoing for many years now, and we can find many positive arguments for using a fanny pack. Some of the positive reasons include: fanny packs are more comfortable, your handgun is more accessible in a fanny pack, you can wear a fanny pack with just about any casual clothing, and fanny packs protect your handgun from the elements. Fanny packs are more comfortable than any waist, shoulder, or ankle holster, hands down. The main downside, however, is the appearance.

Do you hate when holsters dig into you while you’re sitting? Do you hate how some clothes when you wear them end up having a funny imprint through your clothing? There are just a few reasons why a fanny pack holster might be right for you! Plus, almost all fanny packs protect your handgun from rain, snow, dust, and dirt. When you wear an IWB or OWB holster, you will get build up from your everyday carry, but with a fanny pack there will be no build up and your weapon will also stay dry! In order to keep the profile sleek and to make full concealment possible, keeping the compartments small is absolutely necessary.

One piece of advice when you purchase a new fanny pack holster. Don’t take the holster out on the street before practicing with it. Get to know your holster. Find out where it is, and where the gun is inside the holster. Let there be no doubt of how to open that holster and then how to remove the gun. Make sure you practice until your gun comes out smoothly and quickly!

We hope that this may have opened your eyes and could potentially get you to consider purchasing a fanny pack holster. Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below!

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3 thoughts on “Should I Consider A Fanny Pack Holster?

  1. Fanny packs fall into that category of things that are incredibly functional, but are so horridly designed and ugly I wouldn’t dare be caught dead with such a thing in a functional society. Their ability to stay with the body properly is the worst for me from a concealed carry perspective. They only stay put when you’re standing and not moving. Try to draw from a pack while on the move? Fuggeteaboutit. Some time ago I came across Warrior-Creak ( and they provide something, if they were styled for a man, I’d be all over. All the benefits of a fanny pack, held closely to the body, and secured with a strap to the leg. Their miniscule selection for men is a nice try, but not an improvement. I’ll keep waiting, but for women, these products certainly seem to fill a good niche as a better purse option. Women, however, have to weigh in; my opinion isn’t worth that much!

  2. This article caught eye when you mentioned fanny pack holster. However, as a woman, I just can’t imagine every using one! I’d rather just have a nice looking purse. I also think a woman with a fanny pack might cause people to stare. If I see a woman with one I make a double take to see what kind of woman would use one as I associate them with extremely unfashionable and usually older people. But to each their own. Comfort should be paramount to the wearer.

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