2A Sanctuary City

A city councilman wants Spokane Valley to declare itself a Second Amendment Sanctuary City and symbolically proclaim the city’s support for its citizens’ right to keep and bear arms.

Caleb Collier says his idea is a response to Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s recent announcement that he’ll ask state legislators to ban the sale of semi-automatic rifles.

At last week’s Spokane Valley City Council meeting, Collier asked that the Second Amendment Sanctuary proclamation be added to the council’s upcoming agenda.

“My proposal that Spokane Valley considers becoming a Second Amendment Sanctuary City is a work in progress,” Collier wrote in an email after the meeting. “The heart of the proposal is to protect the Constitutional rights of the citizens of Spokane Valley.”

He added that his proposal is in the early stages, and the City Council would have to consider the motion, discuss verbiage and then vote on a final proclamation.

As a proclamation, it wouldn’t have the force of law and couldn’t, for example, prevent city officials from enforcing state or federal gun laws.

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