What Makes the Best Machine Gun Experience in Las Vegas?

Las Vegas…a place of luxury, excitement, and adrenaline. If you’re looking for thrills in Vegas, one of the best places to visit is a gun range.

Standing at the end of a range and firing a powerful weapon at a distant target provides a thrill like no other. But what makes a gun range worthwhile? For the best possible shooting experience, there are a number of standards any range needs to meet. Read on for ways to find the best machine gun experience in Las Vegas.


Gun range flexibility considers a wide range of factors, including hours, volume management, and training availability. A range that’s open 8 to 10 hours everyday gives you the flexibility to visit according to your schedule. You should also look for a range that has at least 7 lanes, as well as outdoor range access. No one wants to wait around and watch others have all the fun! More lanes and outdoor shooting access means you can bring along your group of friends and have a blast.


Some shooting ranges charge hundreds of dollars just to shoot two or three pistols. Finding a place that doesn’t charge outrageous prices and allows you to shoot multiple guns in the same session will give you the variety you crave at a price you can afford.


While a range with a few lanes and some cool targets is enough for some people, a range worth visiting should have an outdoor and indoor facility, competition shoots, and themed challenges to add to the fun.

Although an indoor facility is great for learning and practice, an outdoor area allows you to experience shooting under the sun at interesting targets, not just a piece of paper indoors.

Choosing a facility that incorporates creative scenarios—such as a survival experience, a tactical simulation, or even a friendly head-to-head challenge—adds an extra element of exhilaration, upping your adrenaline rush.

Some shooting ranges also partner with other businesses to create the ultimate thrill experience. Ranges that combine driving sports cars, helicopter rides, or flying fighter jets create the quintessential escapade.


Going to the range without proper safety instruction is a dangerous proposition. Find a place that pairs you with a guide for the entirety of your time at the range. The guide can train you on each weapon you choose, teach you the basic rules of gun safety, and protect you in case of malfunctions or emergencies.


The whole reason you go to a range is to shoot many different kinds of guns. Don’t get stuck at a place with three or four varieties. A facility with a variety of pistols, rifles, automatics, and shotguns gives you the diversity and flexibility to shoot many different gun types.

Shoot ‘em Up

Visiting a Las Vegas hallmark, like Machine Guns Vegas, meets all of the above suggestions for an exciting gun range experience. They have the best packages, including interactive experiences such as zombie survival games, go karts, special ops adventures, and much more. And with over 30 different kinds of guns, you’ll have more than enough firepower to satiate your trigger finger.

Next time you’re in Sin City, get your thrills beyond the casino—find the best machine gun experience and shoot to your heart’s desire.

John Homan is an avid shooter and freelance lifestyle writer from Las Vegas, Nevada. He spends a lot of time shooting in various ranges around the city, guiding inexperienced shooters and learning about the craft. In his free time, he enjoys adding to his arsenal, which includes a Ruger Super Redhawk Standard 44 RemMag 9.5, a Remington 7600 Standard Pump 270 Winchester 22, and a Mossberg 500 Pump 12 Gauge.