Medical Marijuana Gun Prohibition

A federal government ban on the sale of guns to medical marijuana card holders does not violate the 2nd Amendment, a federal appeals court said Wednesday.

The ruling by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals applies to the nine Western states that fall under the court’s jurisdiction, including California, Washington and Oregon.

It came in a lawsuit filed by S. Rowan Wilson, a Nevada woman who tried to buy a firearm in 2011 after obtaining a medical marijuana card.

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One thought on “Medical Marijuana Gun Prohibition

  1. I’m in AZ and I had wondered about that.

    The question says, “are you an illegal user…”

    In AZ, which has medical, and CO, where it’s legal, you aren’t an illegal user according to AZ and CO.
    But according to the feds you’re are an illegal user.

    I’m sure that if this was over anything but a gun, all the usual suspects would be freaking out over this.

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