6 Best Tips for Self-Defense

It always seems as if our favorite characters from the movies know exactly how to deal with dangerous situations. But in reality, how would you defend yourself in the event that someone was harassing or threatening you? Unfortunately, when these occurrences play out in real life, the victim is not as adept and strategic as in the movies. To ensure that you are always ready to protect yourself, follow these self-defense tips and stay safe.

1. Make the First Move

If you’re unprepared, the first blow by your attacker may send you reeling. Be proactive about defending yourself by securing the first hit. This will boost your confidence from the start, take your attacker by surprise, and give you the momentum you need in case the perpetrator persists.

2. Have a Posture of Strength

Fear is your own worst enemy. If you give in to fear, you will likely lose the battle before it has even begun. As difficult as it may be, compose yourself to appear strong, fierce, and unafraid. Since many attackers feed on the victim’s fear, this display of strength may be enough of a deterrent to keep them at bay. Instead of cowering away from threats, stand tall and make eye contact with your opponent. This will send a warning to your attacker that you’re not an easy target.

3. Stay Calm

Self-defense is mostly about self-control, confidence, and awareness. If you sense a hostile situation developing, try to cultivate a calmness within yourself where you can deal with the situation squarely and swiftly. A frantic attacker is at a disadvantage, so make quick, strong movements and don’t lose sight of your opponent.

4. Strike Where it Counts

The goal of self-defense is to end the fight as soon as possible. If it comes to blows, strike your attacker in the most effective areas. Aim for the groin and the throat first, as they will debilitate your opponent the fastest. Don’t concentrate on hitting the face or head from the start, as most people instinctively protect their faces with their arms.

5. Bounce Back From a Blow

When it comes to self-defense, every moment is crucial—if your opponent lands a blow, bounce back as soon as you can. Don’t look at the spot where you were hit or wince in pain. You’ll have time to assess your wounds when you’re safely away from your attacker.

6. Be Smart If There’s a Weapon Involved

If your assailant has a gun or a dangerous weapon, comply with his or her orders, as making a sudden move could result in a fatal response. In a hostile scenario, always assess the threat level from the start and only strike if you are certain that you can disarm your attacker. If you find yourself up against a group, submit calmly rather than struggling. Only act if you have a realistic chance to get away or make a critical hit.

To properly prepare yourself for a hostile situation, your best bet is to learn self-defense from highly trained professionals. In learning self-defense, you’ll polish your hand-to-hand skills while developing a keen awareness of your surroundings. Furthermore, you’ll learn to prevent yourself from being caught off-guard and specialized techniques to give you the advantage against opponents of all sizes.

Author Bio:
Carl Turner is an expert trainer and freelance lifestyle writer from Los Angeles, California. With over 10 years of experience, he has trained many clients and has helped them to reach their personal fitness goals. During his free time, he enjoys kayaking, hiking, and reading.