Not Easier To Buy A Glock

As someone who has purchased not one, but two Glocks this month, I can unequivocally state that the man is wrong in his statement. To purchase the Glocks, I had to prove that I was of sound mind and not under a federal watch list before I could take possession of them. While I did order one of them online, it was not shipped to my house as a book from Amazon would be. I had to have it shipped to a federally licensed gun dealer. Then I paid that federally licensed gun dealer $25 to perform the face-to-face transaction (which included the background check), on top of paying to ship the firearm to the dealer.

I could have gone to Half Price Books and picked up a book for cash, with no record of the transaction anywhere and no background checks. If he is talking about merely ‘getting hands on’ a book or computer, I could just go to the public library and do that for free – without the need to even have a library card (provided that I used the book/computer in the library).

The fact that statements such as these go unchallenged is frightening.