Do What You Can With The Tools That You Have

A couple of armed men had their plans of a carjacking “washed away” at a Shreveport self -serve car wash, and its caught on tape.

The run-in happened last Thursday morning at the Oasis Car wash in Shreveport.

What should have been a quick rinse for Michael Davis’ new wheels — quickly turned into a fight for his life during the overnight hours of July 21st. Just three minutes into the car wash, he saw someone approaching him.

“I turned and I said I’m not interested, I don’t have any money or anything and when I turned back around a guy had come around the corner with a gun, pointed at me,” Davis said. “I looked right down the barrel and I was like I’m not going to do it”

The entire thing, caught on his personal dash cam, with his brother in the car.

“He said give me your keys and your money and I said what’d you say? and I took the sprayer and just sprayed it right in his face. (butt) and I heard his friend try to run and get my backside so I turned around and sprayed him and hit him and they took off running. the whole situation to me was almost surreal.”

The 20 second incident played out like a scene from a movie.

“I wish it was a fun little acting video or skit or something like that but our lives were really in jeopardy that’s why we called police as soon as we could and got them to come out here and we made a report,” he said. “I wasn’t going to give up my car or money to some little thug like that there’s just no way.”

Davis says what scares him the most is thinking what could have happened.

“If they would’ve taken my keys and my money they probably would have shot me any way plus I had my disabled veteran brother in the car they could’ve done something to him as well.”

He refused to be a victim and while police might suggest otherwise, *he doesn’t regret *his decision to fight back.

“Do not back down do what you can with the tools that you have I don’t care if you’re a small person you can intimidate somebody like that just by taking action.”


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