BREAKING: Mass AG Bans AR Rifles

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey said Wednesday she was cracking down on the sale of guns that, she said, were designed to skirt a state law banning assault weapons.

Healey said she had put gunmakers and sellers on notice that they were not allowed to sell the guns, which she said were intentionally designed to circumvent the ban by incorporating “small tweaks that do nothing to limit the deadliness of the weapon.”

The attorney general said at a morning news conference that the law remained the same, but her office would change the way it enforced it.

While manufacturers have deemed certain weapons in compliance with state law, she said, her office had looked at the issue and concluded that they weren’t.

“The gun industry does not get to decide what’s compliant,” she said during the event, where she was flanked by law enforcement officials, community leaders and anti-violence activists. “We do.”

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One thought on “BREAKING: Mass AG Bans AR Rifles

  1. Actually, I was under the impression that the law decided what the law was. The AG only enforces the law.
    No AG has the authority to decide that the law doesn’t go far enough, and instead enforce his/her interpretation of what the law *should* say.
    Any such prosecutions would easily be thrown out; the law says what it says, not what some AG thinks it should say. If a rifle is compliant under the law, then it’s compliant under the law.

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