One thought on “Dr. Suzanna Hupp Speaks The Truth

  1. Gun grabbers are not intelligent to look at history, and see that bans on either behavior it things just don’t work.
    We have multiple laws that ban the behavior displayed in Orlando.
    We have laws banning drunk driving.
    We have laws banning bank robbery.
    These behaviors happen anyway. We accept that as a cost of our liberty, and punish the wrongdoers.

    We tried banning alcohol. That backfired so badly, it was repealed.
    We tried banning certain drugs. The same thing that happened with prohibition is happening with the drug ban; the trade went to gangs who have no problem killing each other and innocent people to protect their profits. And we accept that.
    But, let’s ban guns! Surely this will be different, especially when you see it through rose-tinted glasses.
    No. When the drug gangs can literally bring in bales of pot and not get caught, what makes these people believe guns won’t come in the same way, be sold the same way, with the violence and killing that comes with such trade?

    These people who say they have given this great consideration, simply haven’t done any thinking except that which bolsters their illogical dreams.

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