H.R. 4928 — the Firearms Transfer Improvement Act

Wednesday, May 4, 10:00 AM US Congressman Frank Guinta (R-NH-1) will hold a press conference to discuss the bill he has sponsored that will allow the sales of all firearms across state lines.

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4 thoughts on “H.R. 4928 — the Firearms Transfer Improvement Act

  1. Nice gesture. It’s almost as though he thinks we live in a nation of laws.

  2. This would be a benefit for me. I live in the northwest corner of Kansas near the borders of both Nebraska and Colorado. It would be nice to be able to purchase handguns outside of the borders of Kansas.

  3. I thought a Judge had already ruled that the cross border handgun purchase ban was unconstitutional. Since one can buy a long gun or shotgun in any State.

  4. I’m pretty sure you can buy a long gun (at a dealer) in NH if you’re from out of state anyway, as long as your state’s laws allow it.
    Handguns, nope, so this would open that up.

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