Debunking The Australian Narrative

Australians now own more guns than before the 1996 Port Arthur massacre, according to new research that shows firearm imports hit a record high in 2014-15.

The surge in gun-buying over the past 16 years, which has seen 1.02 million guns brought into the country, has been largely a “gun swap”, according to Philip Alpers, a University of Sydney public health researcher, gun control expert and founding director of

It doesn’t fit the narrative, does it? In Australia, they tried ever so hard to stamp out gun ownership, crime fell, they falsely attributed it to lack of gun ownership, and we know that it is a false attribution because just as soon as they tried to stamp out guns, gun ownership began to rise again while crime fell. It’s just a nightmare all around for the progressives.

But another very important note should be taken from this report. In their efforts to stamp out guns, they accidentally aided gun owners in evangelizing and proselytizing non-gun owners. This is the second – and perhaps most important – progressive failure.

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  1. But will this deter liberal progressives in any way? Never.

    They make Stalin proud.

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